Backyard Beekeepers are Important

The Importance Of Backyard Beekeepers

Honey bee were introduced to the North American continent by early European immigrants. They have been raised domestically for centuries and are prized not only for their honey but also for the wax they produce. Honey bees are valuable, because they account for 80% of our food pollination. Without them our food supply would begin to dry up.

The importance of backyard beekeepers in keeping the bee population healthy and happy cannot be over estimated. Beekeeping is an interesting and rewarding hobby and requires only a small time commitment. Most hobby apiarists can expect to spend approximately 2 to 3 hours per hive per month on their beekeeping efforts. June is the busiest month for beekeeping and 4 to 5 hours is the norm then.

Backyard Beekeepers

Before buying your equipment or setting up your hive make sure you check with your state for any licensing requirements. Some states require you to get a permit or license. They are typically not expensive and easy to get.

Some of the things that you will need when you get started on your beekeeping adventure are a hive, protective clothing, a smoker, and some bees to get your hive started.

However, before you go dropping a bunch of money on bee equipment get yourself a good beginner guide to beekeeping and join some beekeeping forums, where you can find some good info on beekeeping. That way when you buy your supplies you will know what you need.

Bees are very interesting, but many new beekeepers are surprised to learn that worker bees life spans are very short. They only live for about 6 weeks during the summer and about 4 to 9 months during the winter. Queen bees can live for several years.

This keeps the queen very busy laying enough eggs to keep her hive population healthy. Bees live in a very organized society with each bee having its own distinct role. Since bees are highly self sufficient, keeping bee hives is a perfect hobby for someone who want to have their own honey production but has limited time to spare.

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