Rearing Honey Bees For More Honey And Sweet Teas

Rearing Honey Bees For More Honey And Sweet Teas. Honey produced by a honeybee is no doubt, an excellent ingredient for herbal teas. One will not only enjoy its flavor but may also enjoy health benefits. Honey’s health benefits are superior to that of sugar from sugarcane.

Rearing Honey Bees

If you would like to raise your own honeybee so you can collect your fresh honey any time you want, have a look at the list below for a few tips.

  1. Take lessons on rearing honey bees. Take time to learn how to make bee hives and care for the bee colony. Online lessons on beekeeping are also offered. These lessons may be helpful, but are no substitute for the real thing. This should also comprise lessons on what clothes to wear for beekeeping as well as tools and equipment to use in their care.
  2. Buy the required beekeeping equipments only from trusted suppliers. Having your hives delivered straight to your home may take time because rearing honey bees is a popular hobby and due to its seasonality your supplier may have a backlog. Order in advance to ensure you have your hives in time, they are usually available from around March.
  3. Buy bees from the same vendor you’ve obtained the hives from. Again, order in advance for the bees should be ready around March, just as the hives. Order both the bees and hives from the same vendor, as much as possible. Doing this will allow the bees to feel comfortable being in their hives. The hive must manage to accommodate about 10,000 bees and with a single queen. A hive without a queen should not be accepted since the queen lays the eggs that populate the hive. Without a queen the hive will not survive. You will therefore have to buy one.
  4. Practice rearing honey bees on one hive to begin with. Having more hives to look after could be exciting but for newbies, starting with a single hive is enough. It is essential to know the appropriate way to care for a honeybee so they may be productive.

Rearing honey bees won’t only provide the sweet honey for the teas, but it is also great for the desserts. In the past, honey was widely used as a food sweetener. The benefits to health are beyond measure. Beekeeping provides fresh, unaffected taste of honey. Although the grocery has tons of honey in bottles that are easy to buy, still, these are processed to last longer on the shelves. Go for green and make that garden healthy and that honey flowing into your life.

Article by Deborah Smith a UK bee keeper who writes about the UK honeybee population, it’s recent decline and the challenges involved in keeping healthy bees.

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