How to Close a bee hive ?

How to Close a bee hive ?

Follow these steps to close the hive:

1. If you’re using a hive-top feeder, put it back in place immediately on top of the hive body. Add more sugar syrup if the pantry is getting low. Now go to Step 4.

2. If you’re not using a hive-top feeder, replacing the inner cover comes next. First remove any bees from the inner cover. Use a downward thrust and sharply knock one corner of the inner cover on the bottom board at the hive’s entrance. Better yet, if there is a rock on the ground, use it as your hard surface rather than the bottom board (it’s less disturbing to the bees in the hive).

3. Place the inner cover back on the hive by sliding it in position from the rear of the hive so that you don’t crush any bees. Very slowly slide it into place, and any bees along the top bars or on the edges of the hive will be pushed gently out of the way. Kind of like a bulldozer! Note that the notched ventilation hole is positioned upward and toward the front of the hive. This notched opening allows air to circulate and gives bees a top floor entrance to the hive. Some manufacturers of bee equipment do not have this ventilation opening — I suggest getting one that does have this nice feature.


4. Replace the outer cover (the final step). Make sure the outer cover is free of any bees. Tap it sharply on the ground to free it of bees. From the rear of the hive, slide it along the inner cover, again, gently pushing any bees out of the way (the bulldozer technique). Ease it into place, and adjust it so that it sits firmly and level on the inner cover.

Make sure that the ventilation notch on the outer cover isn’t blocked. From the rear of the hive, shove the outer cover toward the front of the hive. Doing so opens the notched ventilation hole in the inner cover and gives the bees airflow and an alternate entrance.

Congratulations! The bees once again are snugly in their home.

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