Basics of Bee Keeping

Basics of Bee Keeping

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The art of keeping bees is for those who love nature in its purest form. The process to retaining bees in order to artificially maintain their colonies is formally known as “apiculture”. Bees account for eighty percent of all insect population, collecting sixty six pounds of pollen per hive each year and are known for their role in pollination and for producing fruits, vegetables, honey and beeswax throughout the world.

Keeping bees is a profitable and captivating pastime that you can enjoy in several ways. You may want to keep the bees for the benefits they give to the man kind or just keep them for the fun of learning about one of nature’s most interesting insects. Honey bees are social insects, which mean that they live collectively in colonies, depending on each other for survival.

Caring for the bees to keep them productive and healthy can be tough work and sometimes painful and time consuming. There are many beekeeper associations throughout the world. British Bee Keepers Association is the leading organisation representing beekeepers within the UK and is working to promote and further the craft of beekeeping and to advance the education in the importance of bees in the environment to the public.

A main job of a bee keeper involves maintaining groups of social honeybees for the purpose of harvesting their honey. Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of beekeeping process, and if you are new to beekeeping begin with just two colonies as small-scale beekeeping doesn’t require huge amounts of money, time or space, and it can be done just about any place where flowers bloom.

In the Britain, beekeeping is largely a hobby. There is a vast majority of commercial beekeepers in the country who rely entirely on bees and have been using the bees as part of their income. SearchMe4, the UK online local information and business directory, provides the listings of ultimate beekeeping services to the customers around the United Kingdom, using the best possible materials and manufacturing equipments available.

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