Beekeeping For Beginners- What You need To Know

Beekeeping For Beginners- What You need To Know

Keeping bee is an ancient practice known to human.  Bees are the source of honey and beekeeping is the technique that manages the bees and honey production. Honey is the best known Apiculture product which has been used for its benefits in food, medicine, cosmetic and many others fields of today life. Organic beekeeping which produces pure natural honey is one of the most demanding source of natural food in today’s market. Also bees and beekeeping is one of the popular hobbies which can be turned to a profitable business. In fact many of beekeepers started beekeeping as a hobby in their backyard and now they are into serious honey production business which gives them lifestyle, lots of pleasure and rewards.

If you know nothing about bees and beekeeping and you want to learn how to keep bees, I will outline the beekeeping process in this article which will guide you to the start.There are number of bee’s species that produce different type of honey .To find out what kind of bees are available in your area, you can contact your local beekeeper association. They are happy to share their knowledge with you. Once you establish what kinds of bees are available in your area, you have to choose which one you are interested. The next factor you have to take into account if you are going to start as backyard beekeeper is the location. Is there going to be enough food and water for the bees to live on?

You have to consider your neighbours safety as well as bee’s safety. Are any predators can prey on bees in your area? What kind of disease bee’s colony suffer in your area?  It’s recommended that you start with small number of hive to begin with, once you have gained enough skill to handling small groups of bees, later on you can expand your practice.Where to get the bees? There are several options. There are local agriculture shops that provide you with packages of bee or you can get them from your local farmers. The next step is to find equipments needed to protect yourself and maintaining the bees.

It is important that you protect yourself from being stung by bees which might put you off from continuing your beekeeping hobby.These are the principals of beekeeping, the information that you need to know before making any investment. Once you have contacted your local beekeeping association or visited one of beekeeping farms in your area, you know the overall picture of beekeeping. The next step is to have an action plan and get detailed information that covers all details of beekeeping for beginners. It’s important that you have the information you need to get you started and you can refer to it when and if required.

Make sure you read through the beekeeping manual that you have acquired before starting. Another option that you can consider before you start your own hobby as a backyard beekeeping is to start doing volunteer work for your local bee farmer. This way you gain invaluable practical knowledge which will speed up establishing your beekeeping hobby and avoid making any costly mistake.  Beekeeping for dummies can be a pleasurable activity if you get the right manual, which can be easy to follow.

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