Honey Bees and Beekeeping

Honey Bees and Beekeeping

Honey bees beekeeping can be a very interesting and fulfilling past-time. There are many benefits beekeepers can get from this kind of activity. With proper maintenance and handling, beekeepers could take delight in the fresh and tasty honey. People who are into this kind of hobby should be mindful of their surroundings, specifically with the people living close by. It is ideal to keep the bee hives in a place where the colony can’t go to a public or recreation areas.


Honey bees are known to be social insects but these fascinating little creatures are also hard workers. They work in groups to bring and deliver nectars to the hive to be able to generate honey. Honey bees do not live long though. After 35 days of existence, their wings fall down and then they eventually die. The honey bees hoard honey for food when flowers are not in season. They store as much nectar as they can during flowering seasons; this way, they make a lot of honey allowing beekeepers to gather a great amount for personal consumption and commercial use.

Beekeepers can earn money and generate income from beekeeping by selling the harvested honey. There are two kinds of honey that can be marketed: the liquid honey and the comb honey. Liquid honey is the type of honey that can be easily extracted from the beehive using the tool called centrifuge. There are extractors that can be purchased in the market to make honey extracting easier for beekeepers. The honey obtained is ideally used as sugar substitute, for cooking or tea flavouring.  The second type of honey that can be sold by is the comb honey. This is a type of honey produce that is still found in the honeycombs. Comb honey has more natural flavor compared to liquid or extracted honey.

Honey has a wide variety of colors and flavors. Different flowers have different scents; so the nectar from the flower which the honeybees used to produce honey has varying taste and smell. The kind of soil from which the plant grows also affects the taste and the appearance of the honey. Not only does it influence the color and taste, but as well as the quality of the honey comb.

Beekeepers can make a profit out of beekeeping; however, it is still very important for them to know the guidelines and regulations for proper handling of bee products from their local government. Different states differ in their rules and policies regarding beekeeping. The United States has the most encompassing and inclusive system of honey bees beekeeping since they are able to constantly supply the demands of honey in the market. Beekeeping industry is quite big and competitors are inevitable. So, beekeepers should come up with good marketing strategy to be able to sell their bee products, like their packaging and advertising the product in the market. Beekeepers should also strive hard to make their beekeeping venture grow and thrive because this simple past time has the capacity to turn into a profitable business.

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