Bee Pollen Trap – Discover How This Natural Superfood is Harvested

A Bee Pollen Trap – Discover How This Natural Superfood is Harvested

Bee Pollen Trap. An efficient bee pollen trap can help to collect this natural wonder without harming the colony. Bees collect far more pollen than they need, so removing the extra is not detrimental to them, as long as it’s done correctly.

Bee keepers use a special bee pollen trap. They use a screen or perforated metal grid of about 5-mesh per inch through which the pollen collecting worker bees are forced to enter the colony. The bees use this entrance and shake the pollen off onto a tray below. Depending on the quality of the bee pollen trap, it is possible to extract over 200 grams of bee pollen from one collection.

It is important to get the purest pollen and so the whole area needs to be pristine, not just around the hives (apiaries). Bees travel great distances to get the finest grains, and so remote areas of Canada and New Zealand often provide the best source as there is zero pollution, little population and no industry.

Many of the apiaries in China, the biggest exporter in the world, are located in or near areas of high pollution and traces of the toxins from the pollution are often found in the pollen collected by their bees.

The Health Benefits Bee Pollen Provides

One expert, a Dr Tsitsin, has stated that “taken regularly and in sufficient amounts, bee pollen will prolong the life span of a person for many years.” These benefits are unique to this nutritious superfood and can help to improve your overall physical and mental health. They include increased energy and endurance, a healthier heart with balanced cholesterol, treatment for allergies including hay fever, weight loss, benefits for treating and preventing cancer, longevity and healthier, younger looking skin.

The right source

Pure NZ bee pollen is among the most effective in the world and it’s important to realize that although the granules would appear to be the most natural way to take them, they are in fact very hard to digest. If you want the maximum health benefits, look for pure powdered pollen blended with other synergistic nutrients to increase the amount of potency you receive.

As you can see, if the bee pollen traps are located in the right place and from well run apiaries, then you can get the purest and most effective pollen and the maximum health benefits too. If you would like to find out more about the pure natural bee pollen supplements I personally take, visit my website below. Discover the purest and most effective bee pollen available today.

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