Bee Pollen Products – Nature’s Most Powerful Health Supplements

Bee pollen is one of nature’s most powerful health supplements. This substance, collected by bees during the honey making process, can be used to treat many ailments. The public’s desire for natural and holistic health remedies has been an important factor driving the popularity of the product. Pollen-based natural supplements have been found to prevent, cure and control a wide variety of maladies. Some of the health problems pollen supplements have been found to alleviate include insomnia, weight gain and irritable bowel syndrome.

Bee Pollen Products

Royal Jelly Health Benefits. One of the most useful bee pollen derivatives is royal jelly. Royal jelly is a food made for the queen of the hive to produce her larvae. When the jelly is paired with ginseng and other plants high in antioxidants, it provides benefits to the human body. This is because the jelly products combine an array of vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients into a natural health supplement. Propolis, the material bees create to seal their hives, is another bee-related substance that produces benefits for the heart, eyes and immune system.

Bee Carrying Pollen - Bee Pollen

Bee Collecting and Carrying Pollen

New bee pollen products are being developed regularly. If you have to skip a meal, pollen-based meal replacement powder can provide you with the nourishment and energy to remain productive through the long hours of the business day. Another new item is a rain forest botanical extract mixed with the active ingredients of pollen. One of its most popular forms is bee pollen granules but those who do not like the taste and wish to take it regularly e.g. in a bee pollen diet, can use bee pollen capsules.

Health Benefits Bee Pollen

Top companies in the cosmetics industry add honey and nectar to their products. Skin care products such as skin creams have used these natural bee ingredients for years. There is even a line of enhanced skin cream with antibacterial properties available over the counter today. The tried and true nutrient, Vitamin C, is contained in many of the pollen products. Pollen’s natural boost to cosmetics has helped to triple sales in the last five years.

Using natural supplements such as pollen is not totally without risk. A person with an allergy to bee stings and bee products should not take pollen under any circumstances. But, in general, the benefits for your health and well-being far outweigh the risks. Be sure to get advice from your doctor on the right supplements for your situation. Don’t rely on these supplements alone. It’s best to eat a healthy diet along with them. Owing to its many natural health benefits, we can expect to see a growing use of bee pollen in the years to come.

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