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How to Keep Bee Pollen Fresh. As one of nature’s most complete “superfoods,” bee pollen is a source of energy, nutrients, and longevity. It has been shown in studies to even help prevent certain diseases, and is naturally high in protein and antioxidants. If you are thinking about reaping the various health benefits of this natural superfood, you will want to store it in the most effective way. Bee pollen refrigeration techniques can ensure that pollen maintains its natural freshness for a longer period of time.Nutritional Benefits of Pollen

How to Keep Bee Pollen FreshWhen you refrigerate bee pollen, you will hold together all of the nutritional foundation of this supplement and lock in the freshness. A few of the various nutritional elements contained naturally in bee pollen include amino acids, vitamins A, C, E, and D, and B complex vitamins. There are numerous antioxidants as well as carbohydrates and fats, making this a perfect blend of many of the most important components of any individual diet. In fact, some people believe that you can literally live on nothing but pollen. Other benefits can include everything from helping to boost the immune system to giving an energy boost and assisting with weight loss.

Further Tips on How to Keep Bee Pollen Fresh

If you are trying to decide whether it is better to refrigerate bee pollen or not, you may be interested to learn that studies have concluded that refrigeration can be helpful in keeping the pollen safe from fermentation or any sort of bacterial contamination. In addition, refrigerating the pollen can be useful in that it locks in the vitamins and nutrients that are so important to the overall nutritional composition of this natural product. Moisture can also be an issue to contend with, so it’s recommended that if you choose not to refrigerate your pollen, it’s best to at least keep it in a cool, dry place.

To get the most out of your bee pollen, you should look for pollen that is sourced from the purest regions, without any additives or chemicals. Bee pollen refrigeration and storage will keep the pollen pure for longer periods of time. It’s possible to purchase fresh pollen or pollen that has been freeze dried for longer usage, both of which have their benefits. Whatever type of pollen that you choose to purchase and use, it’s important to remember that you are going back in line to a long tradition of health that has been ingested for centuries.

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Article by Jeff P Ray. Jeff Ray runs a network of health websites. He says that bee pollen located in the pure and undefiled source of New Zealand is the healthiest and most natural bee pollen supply he has encountered.

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