Bee Pollen Vitamin Shoppe – Would You Buy From Them?

Bee Pollen Vitamin Shoppe – Would You Buy From Them?

There are many purveyors of bee pollen, vitamin Shoppe is only one of them. However it is one of the top ones and this is why we have to look closely at it to see if it is the best one for us. Most manufactures of pollen products get it right when they tell the consumer about the glorious amount of nutrition available in this super food and pollen products but are they giving you the information you need to make a wise choice.

When you read information about bee pollen – Vitamin Shoppe are you told whether the source of their raw product is a place that is free of heavy pollution? So they inform you about how the product is preserved. These are things that must be considered when you intend to add this super food to your diet as a nutritional supplement.

There have been claims made that bee pollen Vitamin Shoppe supplements aren’t effective. This may be due in part by the way they preserve the product. This is a very fragile commodity and it must be preserved using a freeze drying method. A lot of companies choose a heat treating method of preservation and this can really destroy the overall vitamin and mineral content of the product. This is why it is important for you to know how the harvested product was treated at the source.

Bee Pollen

There is no question as to the claims of this food as a complete nutritional supplement. It is one of nature’s miracles and it contains 96 nutrients that have been verified. These are all in the levels needed by the human body and are completely digestible. This is not where the problems occur. Problems can begin when the product is handled improperly and some even before then.

Air pollution is the leading cause of problems for apiaries. Because highly industrialized areas have no control over wind bourne contaminants released into the atmosphere finds their way onto the flowering plants for miles. Bees roam and if by chance they collect pollen spores from exposed plants these traces of toxins and metals are taken back to the hive. This is also how it gets into the human supply.

We have done the research and found only one place so devoid of pollution as to render this possibility null and void. This would be the country of New Zealand. There are laws in place there that prohibit the use of pesticides and the factories are also very limited and pollution is controlled.

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