Bee Pollen – Are You Really Getting The Best Quality?

 Bee Pollen- Are You Really Getting The Best?

When we talk about the best quality bee pollen, we are thinking that the bees are foraging in uncontaminated nature and that there is no risk from pesticides, GM microbes and other toxins in the atmosphere. I challenge you to name five places in the world where you can absolutely guarantee that these conditions actually prevail. That is the only way we can get the best quality bee pollen.

Bees, Pesticides and Bee Pollen

When you read in prestigious scientific research journals such as Science on the possible reason for the decline of the bee population, you become very alarmed indeed. Apparently research says that the bees become disorientated and their homing instincts are damaged by the pesticides and they fail to get back to the hive. But many scientists are saying that this could be one of the reasons but there are many others such as extreme climatic conditions and also GM farming.

The main group of pesticides are known as neonicotinoids and there is some evidence which suggests that the Environmental Protection Agency actually knew about these dangers before approving their widespread use . There is now an active public campaign to get the EPA to reverse its decision and they have stated that they will get scientific help to assess what the risks really are. But can we trust them?

In another British study, bees were actually given controlled amounts of the pesticide and left to wander. But their hives were moved into another area. Just after six weeks had passed, those hives were lighter and they had lost up to 85% of their queen bees. The manufacturers of the pesticide, Bayer have said that the amount of pesticides used in all the experiments was far too high and was unrealistic.

Now New Zealand has not yet approved the use of GM farming and is still debating the issue. When World Cup Rugby fans recently visited the country, they were asked whether New Zealand should go down that road. The response was a deafening no from all those who were surveyed. That provides hope.

In the meantime, New Zealand can provide quite extensive uncontaminated areas which are nowhere near intensive farming or massive industrial plants. As it is a small country, these are few and far between. That is why the best quality bee pollen and honey are found there. There is nowhere on this planet like this and that is why it is sensible to order bee products from this corner of the world.

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Article by Robert Winterson. Let us face it. The best quality bee pollen can only come pristine nature where there is no risk of contamination from anything. Robert Winterson has researched bee pollen for many years.

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