Facts About Bee Pollen – The Secrets Few People Know About

Facts About Bee Pollen – The Secrets Few People Know About.

Not many people are very wised up about facts about bee pollen and that is alarming, given the health risks involved. The aim of this article is to give you some facts that will help you in the buying process.

The first facts about bee pollen are that not all bee pollen is created equal and that some unscrupulous people are conducting a massive fraud. Let me tell you that a recent article in the Los Angeles Times reveals a terrible truth. Just in one period of six months, over 60 million pounds of honey from India was imported. The problem was that the majority of those consignments were not from India at all!

They had been rerouted and were originally from China. As the Chinese honey is contaminated with heavy metals and the overuse of some unknown antibiotics, this is obviously a health concern. This honey still manages to get on to the shelves in the stores and the other terrible fact is that through a filtering process, the pollen is extracted so that the actual origin cannot be traced. This is a health fraud on a massive scale.

Facts About Bee Pollen

Other facts about bee pollen are that tests were carried out by a melissopalynologist whose job is to track the pollen in honey. The shocking fact is that the honey he examined would not pass the standards set by the World Health Organisation and the FDA, In fact, according to the definition set down by the FDA, the honey which is devoid of pollen is not honey at all.

So, when we are buying bee pollen, we have to be extra careful, given what is going on in the bee products industry. The first precaution to take is to make sure that the source of the bee pollen is absolutely secure, safe and pollution free. There are not that many places in the world where this is actually true. I can only think of Canada and the South Island of New Zealand.

Here there is no GMO farming, no heavy industries and above all no intensive farming. Given that the bees can forage in peace, the pollen they produce is actually of a very high quality. Add to that the fact the company manufacturing it is actually complying to GMP standards, then you have a winning formula. It is never a good idea to play around with your health. These are just some of the facts about bee pollen which we need to know about before we buy any of this precious commodity.

Author: Robert Winterson. Learn a fewfacts about bee pollen before you buy anything . There is a lot to discover. As you investigate you will soon see why bee pollen benefits have been underestinated for far too long.

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