Storing Edible Bee Pollen for Future Use

Finding And Storing Edible Bee Pollen

Looking for edible bee pollen is no longer like finding a needle in a haystack. As a matter of fact it is all over the web, in grocery stores and specialty shops now. Finding it is easy, finding it in an edible form that is easily digestible takes a bit more work. Processing bee pollen for optimal digestion requires time and money. Only the best companies that are truly customer oriented has it.

Storing Edible Bee PollenBefore purchasing edible bee pollen you should be able to make an informed choice. The granules are good but they are also the hardest to digest. This is because the sticky substance that the bees add when harvesting the pollen forms a very tough outer shell. The digestive juices have a rough time breaking it down. This means that only a small percentage of what you eat actually gets absorbed into the blood stream.The best form for optimum digestibility would be the powder. It is ground thus breaking the outer shell completely and even then you still need a form that has a few added enzymes to aid in digestion. When you buy it in this form you actually get a 98% absorption rate. The pollen itself also has an outer coating and this too has to be dissolved in order to get the benefits of all 96 nutrients.

Bee Pollen Edible

Another thing to consider when buying edible bee pollen is how it was stored before processing light, heat and moisture are to be carefully avoided when storing pollen for human consumption. The light and heat destroys the integrity of the pollen and moisture promotes the growth of mold. This is true of the powder as well as the granules.Edible bee pollen is an excellent addition to a healthy diet. It provides you with an immediate boost of energy and actually can repair damage from poor nutrition. The substance was once refereed to as the Nectar of the Gods and today we call it a Superfood and rightly so. Not only does it have all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids a body needs to survive and be strong, it also has other properties.

Though most Westerners prefer their edible bee pollen in capsule form, there are those naturalists that actually prefer to use the granules. That is all well and good but they have to be careful more than others about how they store the product. One false move and the bountiful benefits of the substance will be forfeit.We personally use both kinds of edible bee pollen and we are assured of its quality because the manufacturer we purchase our supply from only buys their pollen from the apiaries in New Zealand. The harvest is from lands on a nature preserve and is always free of contaminates. New Zealand is as pure a land now, as when it was created. No pollution in the air or earth. If you want to learn more about the wonders of edible bee pollen and how to store it effectively or just get yourself a supply from a great source follow the link below. Http://

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