Health Benefits Bee Pollen – Why It’s Good for Men and Women

Health Benefits Bee Pollen – Why It’s Good for Men and Women.Scientists have shown that it has the most concentrated value of antioxidants, superior to any other known food source. With its high level of antioxidants it can form an important part of recovery after surgical intervention, improving cholesterol levels and even as an addition to conventional cancer treatment.

Why is it good for cholesterol levels? Well, LDL is bad cholesterol, known as low density lipoproteins. When bad cholesterol builds up in the body, due to low activity and poorly planned meals, good cholesterol known as high density lipoproteins (HDL) drops.

Bee Collecting Pollen

Bee Collecting Pollen

Individuals struggling with high levels of bad cholesterol and low levels of good cholesterol have benefited from the health benefits bee pollen offers in stabilizing triglyceride levels in the blood. Stable triglyceride levels significantly improve good cholesterol levels (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL).

Why is it good in the recovery after surgical intervention? This decreased recovery period for patient after surgical intervention has been contributed to the way that it increases the white an red blood cell counts. This increases oxygen carrying blood cells throughout the human body. The regenerating of tissue damaged and scarring from injuries or surgical intervention is increased, due to the oxygen rich blood flowing through the body.

Other Medical Benefits

Many people suffering from arthritis and aching joints have concluded that it can help cut back on pain medication. The health benefits bee pollen provides by cutting back on drugs needed for pain management, significantly improves how people felt about dealing with their ailments and improves their overall optimism in dealing with life-long chronic arthritis.

Health Benefits Bee Pollen for Women

Women take bee pollen for premenstrual and postmenstrual purposes and have reported a decrease in the drastic fluctuations of their menstrual symptoms. These symptoms include hot flashes, mood swings, cramps and bloating.

Studies have shown that women who take it daily have a marked increase in their sexual desire for their partners. As for its anti-aging properties, and ability to reduce the signs of aging, it has been proven to soften skin tissue.

Health Benefits Bee Pollen as a weight loss supplement, it aids in weight loss for women who eat healthy and lead active lifestyles. It can help boost metabolism and stop that sudden hungry feeling. Due to the nutritional value of bee pollen it has also been shown to be a great addition to the daily diet of both men and women as many people don’t get the nutrients they need from their normal diet. This can help supplement the diet to bring it back on track. So in conclusion, it has many of the nutritional benefits the female body needs for optimal health when it comes to diet, weight loss and sexual health.

Health Benefits Bee Pollen for Men

As for women, men taking bee pollen and bee pollen supplements are less prone to experiencing weight control issues. They also improve their muscle building capability when doing a weight training program.

Signs of aging were significantly decreased with the use of because of its rich values of antioxidants. And due to its superior nutritional value, energy levels are increased with the use of bee pollen in pure form and in supplements.

Studies of health benefits bee pollen prove that men who take this encountered an increase in their sperm counts. These health benefits are due to the high concentrated content of minerals and vitamins contained in bee pollen. Additionally, erectile dysfunction problems and prostate problems were decreased as well.

The health benefits bee pollen provides have been well documented by various studies and research projects. These studies show time and time again that it is beneficial both on the inside as on the outside of the body.

Individuals who are dedicated bee pollen users continue to spread the good news to family and friends about the health benefits that it has given to them. And with good reason. With so many documented health benefits of this it’s a product that everybody can use and benefit from.

Article by Dominique De Rooij.

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