How To Use Bee Pollen – It Could Change Your Life

How To Use Bee Pollen – It Could Change Your Life

Learning how to use bee pollen is not a difficult task. With it coming in so many varieties there is something for everyone. This substance that has been dubbed a “miracle food” has over 96 nutrients. What makes this great news is that all of it can be used by the human body. While there are a few rules that apply to using supplements you can rest assured with this one they are few.

With the way we eat today, supplements are necessary. Learning how to use bee pollen as a supplement is the wisest choice you could ever make. As with any change in your diet there will be a need for some adjustment period. And you should also seek a physician’s advice and get a check up before making any drastic changes especially if you have health issues.

How To Use Bee Pollen

When learning how to use bee pollen one of the fist things to know is how to perform a tolerance test. It too is a simple procedure. First day only take a small amount, say two grains and place it under your tongue. Keep track of any physical and psychological changes that may occur. If you notice a shortness of breath, itchiness, selling and redness of the face or extremities discontinue use and consult your doctor.

If none of these occur try a bit more the next day. Then keep adding to the amount until you have reached the recommend full serving of 35g. This test is easiest with raw pollen but it can also be done with the powder from inside a capsule and with the tablets as well. It is always better to have tested than to have to get over a severe allergic reaction.

Learning how to use bee pollen itself depends entirely upon the form. Once you have passed the tolerance test you just take the recommended dose of the capsule or tablet. It is the raw version that takes a bit of work. The night before you should take out what you are going to use and soak it in water overnight. This softens the husk so that the digestive juices in your stomach can break it down more rapidly.

The food that was once called “the Nectar of the Gods” is available every where today. Just as important as learning how to use bee pollen, is learning how to buy the best. Where the substance was harvested and how it was stored will determine the true quality of the pollen itself. For pollen to retain its nutritional value it must be freeze dried and kept out of direct light. It also has to be free of residual toxins.

In highly industrialized areas these toxins float on the air currents and are deposited on the blooming plants in the area.

That is why we personally buy from a source who only sells New Zealand bee products. It is harvested from apiaries on a wildlife preserve. The country has no real industrial pollution; in fact it is one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world.

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