Bee Pollen – is it Vegan?

Is Bee Pollen Vegan?

Bee Pollen – is it Vegan? Many people are wondering is bee pollen vegan? This can be confusing for some people, just like a vegetarian who eats fish. In fact, I knew a person who called themselves a vegetarian but she ate chicken. So, it seems that some people kind of make their own rules when it comes to certain foods.

If you want to be considered an actual vegan then consuming bee pollen would be against the rules so to speak. This is because it is felt that we as humans are manipulating the bees for their food. The vegan philosophy states that taking food from an animal is exploiting that animal and bees are viewed as animals.

An actual vegan would take flower pollen because they believe it is not morally responsible to take if from bees.

Flower pollen is similar in nutritional value to bee pollen but it costs quite a lot more and does not to be as plentiful or available as the pollen from bees.

As a vegetarian though you can consume this natural substance because the pollen is not a meat. Of course, there are some vegetarians who will argue this and will not eat the pollen.

Is Bee Pollen Vegan – Do Bees Make Pollen?

Unfortunately, many people are under the assumption that bees actually make pollen. They do not make it all. Pollen is made by plants and flowers. Bees will fly about from flower to flower collecting the pollen on their hind legs and bodies in what is called a pollen basket.

Then the bees fly back to the beekeepers hive. A small device placed at the entrance to the hive gently brushes off some of the pollen. You have to let the bees keep some of it as they need it for feeding.

Most apiaries are very well run by people who are experienced beekeepers who look after the bees very well. Understandably, if the operation is not run properly then problems can arise and bees may perish. These types of operations can and should be shutdown. There is no need for any harm to come to the bees.

Some of the best run operations are in Northern British Columbia and in New Zealand. Operating an apiary in a clean and pollution free environment is essential in producing pure and uncontaminated bee products.

In conclusion, in answer to the question is bee pollen vegan, we have to say no it is not. But, anyone who is not a strict vegan can certainly enjoy the benefits this amazing natural food provides.

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