Pure Bee Pollen Benefits – Why Pure Bee Pollen & Honey are Superior…

Pure bee pollen benefits. Raw honey is known for its many ways it can help you. Sure, you can eat it on a sandwich and have a nice, filling breakfast or lunch which will get you pumped with energy. But it has such a unique combination of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that it offers way more benefits beyond a nice snack.

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Help for Diabetics

Raw honey sports super-active enzymes, glucose, minerals and a dose of healthy antioxidants. Individuals who use the traditional form of raw honey also benefit from taking bee pollen jelly and supplements. Because it is high in the glucose-to-fructose ratio, it better enables the body to regulate and control blood sugar levels, which is good news for diabetics.

Allergy and Arthritis Fighter

Due to the antioxidants in raw honey, it helps to protect the body against allergens as it boosts the immune system. It also helps to reduce inflammation, especially around the joints which can help if you are suffering from arthritis.

Skin Repair

Raw honey is also being credited as a provider of softer skin. It also improves the rate with which wounds heal, when used as a dressing. Scarred tissue and sun damaged skin as well as non-subcutaneous wounds and burns all benefit from the pure bee pollen goodness that it provides.

Internal Relief

Raw honey has been known as an ancient tonic for centuries, usually used for intestinal discomforts. Other reasons why people have been using these tonics for hundreds of years are gastric ulcers and oral and peptic ulcers. Fighting free radicals at full force, it will provide relief in these circumstances.

Another, more commonly known method of applying raw honey is in case of sore throats or dry coughs. Instead of conventional cough syrups a raw honey tonic, or in tea, can help you get rid of that sore feeling and can help you sleep through the night without constant interruption.

Bee Pollen Granules – The Smart Everyday Benefit

Individuals who use raw honey in its traditional form will also enjoy the benefits of pure bee pollen granules. This is honey in its most natural state known to man. The non-pasteurized and non-filtered pure bee pollen granules are more of a natural form than pure honey in a liquefied state. These honey granules are packaged under quality controlled environments.

Pure Bee Pollen Benefits

Raw bee pollen granules are far from being processed food. Raw bee pollen granules are the way nature intended raw honey to be ingested. Bagged or bottled and not processed, these granules are freeze dried. Known to help the body build up resistance to known allergens, granules are considered an aid to lower your sensitivity to theseallergens. This reducing effect is a process known as desensitization and just one of the healthful ways raw bee pollen granules benefit allergy sufferers.

It’s granules contain the vitamin B, C D and E, a vitamin that is not produced by the body, yet essential for the nails, hair and skin. Minerals such as beta-carotene, magnesium, selenium, lecithin, cysteine, calcium and nucleic acids are also included. There is also a host of amino acids, proteins, mono and polyunsaturated fats and essential fatty acids found in raw pure bee pollen granules.

Raw bee pollen granules are of high nutritional value. They contain a very complete set of essential vitamins and nutrients, with many beneficial side effects. Raw bee pollen granules are crunchy and sweet with a slight bitter tang, and if you are considering taking them you may need to get used to them when you start using them. However when you start getting used to them you start liking them. Based on all those pure benefits, everybody should consider adding nature’s true superfood to their daily intake. It may just make your life that little bit better as well!

Article by Dominique De Rooij

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