Bee Pollen Medicinal Qualities and How To Get Them

The Bee Pollen Medicinal Qualities and How To Get Them. The bee pollen medicinal qualities have been known and used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, dating back as far as the ancient Egyptians. Discover how to get the best out of this natural wonder. The medicinal bee pollen benefits stem from the fact it contains all the nutrients needed for human survival plus many that we don’t know about. It is such a complex mix that it cannot be replicated in a laboratory, not even close, thank goodness! The bees collect only the best quality male pollen and mix it with nectar, honey and some saliva before transporting it back to the hive. It is a fact that one teaspoon dose of pollen takes one bee working eight hours a day, one month to gather. Each bee pollen pellet contains over two million flower pollen grains and one teaspoonful contains over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen.

Bee Pollen Medicinal Qualities

Bee PollenThe bee pollen medicinal benefits include a healthier heart, anti aging benefits for your skin, a stronger immune system function, a healthy libido and increased sexual health, increased energy and endurance, help in treating many cancers and weight loss. One expert, a Dr Tsitsin, has stated that “taken regularly and in sufficient amounts, bee pollen will prolong the life span of a person for many years.” Getting the right source With so much choice today with the internet, it can be hard to find the purest and most effective pollen. One way is to contact your local beekeeper if you have one, and check how it is produced and if it is free from all contaminants. Much of what you see in your local stores is imported from China. These tend to be cheap, heat-dried which kills the nutrients, contains traces of heavy metals and pesticides and is a country with little regulation. Instead look for countries like New Zealand, one of the last remaining pristine places on earth. The product I use comes from the South Island, and has the highest purity of any pollen. You also want to make sure your body can use it effectively, and adding enzymes like fungal pectinase and lipase increases the potency from 5-7% to a whopping 95%, enabling you to get the maximum health benefits from a smaller and safer dose. As you can see, the bee pollen medicinal benefits can protect your present and future health, as long as you select carefully. If you would like to find out more about the pure natural bee pollen supplements I personally take, visit my website below. About the Author Ric Hawkins is a dedicated researcher of the amazing health benefits of quality bee pollen supplements. Take a moment to visit his site now at and discover the latest supplements that he recommends after extensive research. Discover the purest and most effective bee pollen supplements available today.

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