The Safety and Side Effects of Bee Pollen

The Safety and Side Effects of Bee Pollen

Article by John Mccowan

If you are concerned about using bee pollen supplements, then you are not alone. Many people choose not to use this amazing supplement because they lack the understanding of how safe it is. To clear up any confusion, let’s take a brief brief look at the safety and side effects of bee pollen.


There are very few reasons why you shouldn’t use this supplement. One thing that could be unsafe is if someone with asthma, allergies to pollen, or allergies to bee stings takes high doses of the supplement with no regard to the potential side effects of bee pollen. Even with their history of allergic reactions, many people have actually used this product to overcome their allergies by starting on a low dose and gradually moving up to a higher dose. This desensitizes them to the allergens that cause the problems. If you have allergies and this idea interests you, you should research the proper dose to begin with.

Use During Pregnancy

Many sources will say that there is unclear evidence as to the safety of bee pollen use during pregnancy. Some people believe that it is safe because there has been no definitive proof of negative effects. Others believe that the lack of information on the subject as a whole is proof that this product should be avoided during pregnancy. Since it is a natural product, it is not very likely that the FDA will be conducting any official research on the side effects of bee pollen during pregnancy. In light of this fact, you are pretty much on your own when it comes to evaluating the anecdotal evidence for the safety of bee pollen use during pregnancy. As with any substance that you ingest during pregnancy, you should do as much research as possible to be sure that you are properly weighing the risks versus the benefits.

Side Effects

With the issue of safety out of way, let’s look at the side effects of bee pollen. For the most part, the side effects of bee pollen supplementation deal with allergic reactions. For a small percentage of people who are allergic to certain plant pollens and bee stings, there might be a slight risk involved with taking it.

Allergic Reactions

The type of pollen that is found in any bee pollen sample is dependent upon the kind of plants that the bees have fed off of. It is possible that the the product you choose could contain pollen from a plant that you are allergic to. Asthma sufferers may also suffer from allergy-related side effects of bee pollen. Mild allergies to may include wheezing, rash, coughing, facial itching, itchy throat, and hives.

If you are prone to any kind of allergic reaction, then you should proceed with caution before taking any kind of bee product. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try this supplement, but you should do so in an educated way. Start with a small dose and be prepared for the possibility of a reaction.

Bee Stings

A more serious reaction can occur if you are allergic to bee stings. While bee pollen generally consists of nectar, pollen, and the saliva from bees, sometimes the bee’s stinging toxin can get into the mixture. If you react to bee stings, then you need to be aware that ingesting this supplement can cause a serious reaction called anaphylaxis. When this occurs, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms: itchy skin, swollen lips, tongue, or throat, shortness of breath, wheezing, abdominal cramps, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Environmental Toxins

Even if you do not suffer from allergies related to bee stings and pollens, there is always a possibility that you can have a reaction to toxins from the environment where the bees collect their pollen. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid all bee pollen supplements. On the contrary, you should purchase your supplement from a company that harvests its bee products in the most natural, toxin-free environment possible. You do not want a product that has been exposed to pesticides, insecticides, or chemical fertilizers.

Natural Source

One of the best places to purchase these supplements is from companies who get their bee products from New Zealand. This country is so remote that it was one of the last places where humans settled. New Zealand is emission free and therefore has very little pollution. Many companies that harvest in New Zealand do so near the largest national park where there are no factories. The air is clean, the waters are pure, and natural resources like bee pollen are of the highest quality. With a product this pure, there is very little possibility that you will suffer the side effects of bee pollen.

This amazing supplement is a healthy, nutrient-rich product that can aide your body in many ways. No doubt you have heard about the many health benefits that bee products offer, and now you can experience these benefits for yourself. Armed with your knowledge of the safety and side effects of bee pollen supplementation, you are now ready to begin a journey to improve your health and your life.

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