Bee Removal – These Bee Wranglers Are No Drones

Bee Removal – These Bee Wranglers Are No Drones. For most of us, seeing a swarm of bees can be a little scary. But when people anywhere from Van Nuys to Huntington Beach discover that a swarm of bees or wasps has decided to move into their home, they call Sorensen Bee n’ Wasp Nest Removal of Torrance. Don, a former beekeeper, with his daughter Wendy and son Sam relocate bees from human territory to more hospitable locales. The Sorensen’s are on call 24/7 and occasionally get calls in the middle of the night. Once on the job, because bees communicate by smell, many times they will blow smoke on them, so the bees can’t smell, which means they can’t communicate. Then they’ll sweep them into a box. Most of the time the queen is in the middle of the swarm, so she drops right into the box. Then they’ll put on the cover, leave a hole, and the rest will fly into the box.

They give the bees to other beekeepers, who will put a new European queen in a little box to make sure they’re breeding European bees. Don explains how they take the old queen, and scrub her body all over the outside of the wax box. That way, it smells like the old queen. When the new European honeybee queen eats her way through the wax box (in a day or so,) the hive will accept her because she’ll have the smell. Worker bees’ life expectancy is about one month, so by the second month, all the queen’s children will be European honeybees.

Bee Removal

As bee and wasp removal experts, the Sorensen’s also help homeowners and property managers with their Africanized bee problems, as well as problems with Carpenter Bees and Bumblebees. The Africanized, or so-called “killer bees” can swarm and sting a person a lethal number of times sometimes within seconds.It’s hard to tell if your face to face with the Africanized bees, until you disturb them. When you’re messing with bees, they tend to get hostile no matter what type they are.

Don Sorensen recalls one woman from Palos Verdes, who discovered bees on her roof. It was a modern home with a series of flat roofs. She’s up there spraying these bees and feeling really good because she got 300 or so. What she didn’t know is that a swarm of bees can number up to 100,000. So the rest start coming after her. She’s running from roof to roof, finally jumping into the pool. And they were just hovering over the water waiting for her.

Besides getting stung frequently, crawling through attics and being roused in the middle of the night for emergency calls, the Sorensen’s do a bit of climbing. Bees are known to live in high places, so the Sorensen’s often use ladders, climb roofs, and on occasion even need the assistance of a bucket truck.

Sometimes homeowners will decide to leave their bees undisturbed for months or even years, thinking they will eventually go away. What ends up happening is that their bees will build huge hives in that area, and stay for years. The Sorensen’s have removed hundreds of pounds of honeycomb from some such homes.

They are equipped with bee removal gear and suits. Their equipment includes a veil that covers their entire head, bee keeper gauntlets – which are thick long gloves – a cotton body suit, bee box and a bee smoker to smoke the bees out of their hives. Their biggest danger is falling, but every once in a while they will get a sting that reminds them of the insect’s powerful defense mechanism.

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