Important Things to Remember before Buying Bees

Important Things to Remember before Buying Bees

Article by Jack Thompson

Buying bees can be a terrifying experience for beekeepers that are not aware of what they are looking for. As a novice apiarist, or beekeeper, you should consider certain things before you ask the question, “Where can I buy bees?” Beekeeping preparations involve several steps before having your bees installed in the beehives. Therefore, we provide you some points that you need to remember before purchasing bees from different suppliers or dealers.

Look for Reputable Dealers

It is important that you deal with a reputable dealer. Contact local beekeepers or beekeeping organizations for you to find reputable dealers or suppliers. Also, beekeeping journals are available which are found to be reliable and trustworthy. It is better to purchase two established colonies rather than just one. Buying a colony if you are totally new to beekeeping is the easiest option since it will come with everything that you require to have. A colony will provide you a queen, the drones, and many worker bees that have an established honeycomb, which has a brood already. Moreover, buying two colonies instead of one makes it easier for you to interchange frames of brood and honey if one colony becomes weaker.

Buy Bees in Standard Equipment

You have to inspect first the hive. If you noticed that the suppers are not arranged properly, you have the right to ask the seller why. Moreover, make sure that the seller’s hives are painted and in good shape and condition. If not, the seller or beekeeper did not take care of the bees properly. Bees that don’t receive proper care and management are not good to purchase.

Check for disease and pests

Moth larvae are common pests found in beekeeping equipment. They lay their eggs near the max combs, and when the larvae hatch, they will eat the debris in the cells. Hence, combs are destroyed. If you see larvae, they signify an unhealthy hive. Make sure that the bees are disease-free. We also recommend you to buy queen bees that came from your own state or country to avoid the risk of bringing strains of any disease or virus.

Provide a Right Equipment before Keeping the Bees

It is essential that a beginner beekeeper has the proper equipment before bringing the bees on the location for keeping them. Make sure that you have a couple of hives that can be found on the site. However, the hives should not be placed too near to your neighbors so that bees won’t cause any problems to the public. Furthermore, the site must be sheltered from strong winds and hot temperature.

Beekeeping may require important considerations before pursuing it into business. We believe that, if you are looking to make beekeeping as a profitable form of business, you must perform your homework and check every aspect of being a good beekeeper. Beekeeping preparations certainly require bees. Most beekeepers spend money to acquire healthy and good bees. However, you also need to consider some points before buying them. Your money will become useless, if you don’t provide the necessary equipment for your bees and if you don’t investigate about your bee source. These simple steps will definitely lead you to a good start in your beekeeping business.

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