Nutritional Wonders – Ohio Bee Pollen

Nutritional Wonders – Ohio Bee Pollen

The pollen collects on the body and the legs of the bee as he has to carry it back to the hive. The bee once having pollen collected, injects it with its own special mixture of digestive enzymes, which with the nectar also collected, makes little bee pollen granules. Each Ohio bee pollen granule contains more calcium content per ounce that that of meat, cheese or milk.

The Handling of Ohio Bee Pollen

Ohio bee pollen is collected from specially designed bee pollen traps that are placed at the entrance of the hive at least once every couple of days. This is to ensure the freshest product available and prevents any breakdowns due to natural heat sources. Heat is detrimental to the nutrient content of any bee pollen product because it renders all of the nutrients and vitamins from the product.

Ohio bee pollen, after it is cleaned is immediately put into a refrigerated equipped with a humidifier, is removed and stored until it is shipped to the consumer. The humidifier removes moisture from the granules, which is exactly what the bee colony does to process their own pollen.

It is for this reason that Ohio bee pollen is cleaned using only manual methods and is frozen to maintain hive freshness. That’s right, no chemicals and no machines making pollution to process it whatsoever. This delicate process is very time consuming and also very beneficial to the end product. It is by these means that Ohio bee pollen has one of the cleanest, safest products on the market today.

How to Buy Ohio Bee Pollen

To purchase Ohio bee pollen or any bee pollen product to add to your diet, like the process of the Ohio bee pollen manufacturers, all information pertaining to the handling and storing of the product from your chosen distributor should be discovered before committing to a purchase. There are many polluted areas in which bee pollen is collected and is less expensive for this exact reason. These products have been documented to contain sources of contaminants from our environments that are highly industrialized and polluted.

The product we personally use, located in the pristine source of New Zealand, is the most natural bee pollen source we have come across –

We have been using this supplement for over 3 years with excellent health results. We have achieved a general sense of well being and new improved energy levels.

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