Should You Buy Local Bee Pollen or Not?

Should You Buy Local Bee Pollen or Not?

Article by Ric Hawkins

When looking at whether to buy local bee pollen or not, there are certain factors you should know about, or else you may not get many health benefits at all.

If you want to buy local bee pollen, you need to trust the source and ensure that no pesticides are used in the surrounding area and that good beekeeping practices are used in the apiaries.

Bees will travel for many miles in search of the best pollen, which means it’s not just the local areas but the surrounding ones too that needs to be pristine. It’s hard today, unless you live in a remote area, to find this type of pure pollen!

The most effective pollen is freeze-dried to preserve the nutrient content rather than being heat-dried to save money. Heat-drying kills off much of the potency and drastically reduces the benefits to you.

One of the advantages if you buy local bee pollen and suffer from allergies, is that it can help to reduce your symptoms. However, this only applies if the source is very pure.

Often, the pollen is found to contain traces of toxins from the pollution, like heavy metals and pesticides. These not only cancel out many of the benefits but can also adversely affect your long term health.

In fact, if your local beekeeper sells supplements with added synergistic nutrients, this is the best option. If you use the granules, although natural, these are hard for your body to digest.

You need to eat a lot each day to get the benefits as up to 90% of the potency is lost.

By using supplements blended with enzymes like amylase and lipase, you can get the full potency instead and the maximum health benefits possible.

If your local supply is not up to scratch, look to companies based in pollution free and pristine environments like New Zealand for example. I get mine from here and they are delivered to my door without a problem.

NZ has some of the purest pollen products in the world and some of the leading research and manufacturing companies in this field too.

As you can see, whether you buy local bee pollen or not is dependent on the quality you can find, and hopefully these tips can lead you to the purest and most effective source.

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