Natural Bee Pollen Sources and How They Affect the Quality of the Product

Natural Bee Pollen Sources and How They Affect the Quality of the Product

Not all natural bee pollen is created equal. In fact, it is far from equal. There is a clear hierarchy when it comes to the quality of this wholesome food.

Bee pollen, like any other food, is affected by the environment in which it is produced. Certain environments produce a premium product, while others produce an inferior one. Consumers should know the difference before they invest their money. Their health depends on it.

Whatever is in the air inevitably gets into the product, so it is imperative that the air is free of harmful chemicals and debris. The best natural bee pollen comes from sources that are isolated— separated from cities, businesses and the general population.

Some suppliers harvest their bee pollen from sources that are near highly populated industrial areas filled with smoggy air and contaminated soil. The result is contaminated bee pollen that is ultimately ingested by the consumer.

Not only do some suppliers harvest their natural bee pollen from polluted sources, but they also have lax storage and transportation standards that compromise the freshness of the final product. This can allow mold and other irritants to get into the product. These pollutants can cause reactions that most people would blame on an assumed allergy to bee pollen.

Consumers should always check the label for sourcing and storage information before making a purchase. If it is not provided, it is best to contact the company to inquire about their practices. Reputable suppliers should have no problem being completely transparent with their customers. Only untrustworthy companies would keep such information private.

Of all the natural bee pollen sources, New Zealand stands out as one of the best (if not the best) providers of high quality bee pollen. Its blue skies, clear water and lush, green grass make it one of the cleanest environments in the world.

The New Zealand government is very concerned about preserving its picturesque landscapes and, therefore, has strict regulations on pollution and emissions. This ensures that the bee pollen harvested there is pure and top quality, free of any unwanted ingredients.

Natural bee pollen is not a passing trend that will quickly be replaced. Where overall health and longevity is concerned, it is a staple that has been used with wonderful results for centuries. Any potential consumers who are interested in purchasing this food should first educate themselves about the source and quality of the product. Otherwise, they are putting themselves at risk for ingesting pollutants and toxins that diminish the powerful effects of natural bee pollen.

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