Bee Supplies for Apiarists

Bee Supplies for Apiarists

Article by Daniel J Webster

Bee supplies include all essentials needed for apiarists for raising bees. Be it small-scale, large-scale or just for the interest of beekeeping, bee suppliers can offer you with equipments, tools, information or software for you to make best out of your beekeeping job.

To start off with a bee hive all bee supplies provide beehive essentials. The primary things of hive essentials are bees and the queen. These are supplied as live packages and majority of the suppliers provide this with other beehive essentials. Other hive essentials include beehives for beginners as well as ‘hive increasing kits’ for those who already have own beehives. These customized kits include eight or ten frame pines or frame increase kits. Supplies also include beehive made of pine as well as more durable polystyrene ones. Beehive essentials have a variety of frame equipment as well. These include telescoping outer cover, frame inner cover, frame supers, frame hive bodies, triangle escape boards, frame slatted racks, sticky boards, reversible bottom boards, frame cedar hive stands, frame shims, fume boards as well as frame queen excluders. Different types of Nuc boxes, frames and foundations are also available with bee supplies.

Next essentials are the tools for maintenance of the beehive. These bee supplies include bee feeds and feeders which again include Nuc feeders, hive top feeders, feeder pails, entrance feeders, feeder screen plugs as well as generic pollen substitute. Beehive tools also include medications for bees, queen rearing supplies, queen excluders, hive gadgets, and hive wraps, pollen traps as well as protective clothing.

Bee supplies also offer processing equipment. This area covers escape boards, fume boards and bee brushes. Extracting tools consists of compact extractors, uncapping forks as well as other uncapping tools. For honey processing, refractometers, processing tanks, honey color graders, extractor heat tapes and electric honey liquefiers are available. For beeswax extraction, processing tanks and solar wax melters are the major equipment supplied. For honey house uses tools like pail holders, pail openers, steel or plastic double sieves, honey tanks and other essential delicate tools are available in the market.

For large scale and small scale producers, varieties of containers are also offered by bee supplies. These include plastic and glass containers of different size and dimensions. For large-scale producers bulk containers with capacities of 5 gallon or more are also available. Coming to different closures and related accessories flip-top lids, hi-flow spouts, bear collars, hanging tag booklets and labels are among the other products of bee supplies.

Bee supplies also provide books on all about honey production. These books are of great help as it includes immensely helpful information about bees, queens, colonies, diseases, medications and priceless information for successful production. Beekeeping software products are also available in the market. These software products help you to store, process and access data relating bees, beehives or colonies.

In conclusion, bee supplies serve the honey producing industry immensely well to an extent where bee raising has become such as easy task for every beekeepers for making best out of their investment.

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