Beekeeping Supply: What You Will Need

Beekeeping Supply: What You Will Need

To get the very most out your bees, it is important that you spend a bit of time at a beekeeping supply shop.

There are literally hundreds of products on the market, so how do you know what you truly need, and what is just a waste of money? Here are few recommendations to help get you on your way.

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Hive Essentials: To ensure your bees are as productive as possible, you should make sure you have some basic pieces of equipment for the hive.


These items include: telescoping and inner covers for the outer roof and the ceiling of the hive; an entrance reducer to reduce the size of the entrance; a screened bottom board for the floor of the hive to keep pests out; medium supers for the hive walls; medium frames to serve as rooms in the hive to support the comb; small cell foundations; and some type of feeder for the sugar syrup. These items are readily available at just about any beekeeping supply store.

Nucleus Hive: Sometimes called “nucs”, “a nuc”, or “a nuc box”, this hive is a smaller version, more manageable version of a traditional hive. Nucs are made to hold fewer frames and to house a smaller population of bees.

Many beginning beekeepers opt to start out with this type of hive, and bees often flourish in this setting due to the fact that the smaller space makes it easier to regulate the temperature and humidity of the colony.

Gloves: Gloves should be worn for most of the time when working with bees. Non-ventilated, thick gloves made out of pigskin or heavy rubber are the most popular choices. Ventilated gloves are not recommended since bees can easily sting through them.

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