Creating a Buzz – China Bee Museum

Creating a Buzz – China Bee Museum

Article by Pushpitha Wijesinghe


The China Bee Museum offers visitors an insight into everything you may want to know about these insects ranging from their origin, human / bee relationship, bee keeping, their biology and behavior, bee products, pollination, and more.


When there are museums dedicated to just about everything, a museum dedicated entirely to bees though somewhat unusual does not appear to be entirely out of the ordinary. After all there are other bee museums around the world, though not plentiful.

The China Bee Museum set in the very suitable location of the Beijing Botanic Gardens amidst an abundance of flowers and vegetation aims to satisfy our curiosity about the insect. Three exhibition halls take visitors through a journey ranging from the origin of these insects illustrated by bee fossils, ancient rock paintings said to be thousands of years old, depicting harvesting of honeycombs from impossible heights, relationship between bees and humans throughout the ages, bee keeping, bee biology, bee products, bee behavior, importance of bee pollination, various types of bees, bee venom therapy; in short everything that anyone would want to know about bees explained through 475 diagrams, bee sculptures, paintings, photographs, video and six hundred specimens. To add to this plethora of information visitors are also introduced to various beekeeping tools and methods, demonstrations of honey extraction and can sample several bee products including honey to experience the subtle differences in honey from different locations.

Visitors to this museum will certainly come away a little stunned as to what they really did not know about bees, especially how closely they are linked to our food supply and the number of bee linked products. If further erudition is required on the subject of bees, the museum sales outlet with books on bees and natural bee products should help. The museum does a good job of getting their theme of ‘bees as friends of humans’ across pretty well.

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