Is Bee Pollen a Good Source of Vitamin C?

Is Bee Pollen a Good Source of Vitamin C?

Article by Tara Mathews

One of the most popular supplements available is bee pollen. Is there enough of a bee pollen vitamin C content to make this substance a good source of this vitamin?

One thing for sure is that this amazing natural substance is a source of many different vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In fact, many health food experts consider it to be a super food as it contains practically everything needed for life. However, it is recommended that you do not live on bee pollen alone.

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins our body needs. It is a key element to the overall health of your immune system to help protect you from illness. Other foods can give you a higher vitamin C content, but they will not have all the other vitamins and minerals that are found in bee pollen though, which is why it is such a great choice as a natural supplement.

Other Important Vitamins Found in This Natural Substance

Vitamin A is important to your vision. A diet lacking in this vitamin then choosing a good natural pollen supplement could be beneficial to the health of your eyes.

Another vitamin found in this substance is vitamin B. In fact, it is a great source of complex b vitamins. This vitamin plays a major role in your health as it helps in the formation of blood and cell development and metabolism.

Vitamin D is another essential vitamin that you can get by taking this natural supplement. If you are not getting enough sun; and let’s face it many people are avoiding the sun due to the potential for skin cancer.

Will Any Bee Pollen Supplement Do?

The fact is, you may not be getting any benefits from bee pollen vitamin C or any other vitamin for that matter if you are consuming a poor quality supply. Not all pollen supplements are the same. It completely depends on where the substance was harvested.

What this specifically means is that the quality or purity of the pollen depends on the specific flowers that the bees visit. So, if they are visiting flowers in an area that is close to heavy industry then the quality of the pollen is certainly in question. Not only that but it could also be contaminated from air pollutants.

Choose your pollen products from areas that you know are environmentally clean. One such area that we recommend is New Zealand. You can be sure that pollen sourced from this country is the purest found in the world.

In conclusion, to enjoy the most effective bee pollen vitamin C benefits then make sure you choose the purest natural pollen supplements available.

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Tara Mathews runs a series of health related websites and her latest is Bee pollen that is sourced in New Zealand is the most natural and pure source we have come across. If you looking for a boost to your immune system using an all natural substance then visit my website to find out more about NZ bee pollen today.


by Tara Mathews

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