3 Points about the Langstroth Beehive? Some Historical Facts and Components of this Hive

3 Points about the Langstroth Beehive? Some Historical Facts and Components of this Hive

Why the Langstroth beehive? The choice of the Langstroth hive can be due to the fact that this hive is easily acquired in the United States. Additionally, the creation of the Langstroth beehive has been a marking point in beekeeping. This being, what will this article be about? I hope to introduce to you some historical facts attached to the Langstroth beehive as well as an enunciation of the components of this hive.

Who created the Langstroth beehive?

The Langstroth beehive is named after L.L. Langstroth who in the year 1852 put in place a hive created with frames and planks. From that time on, there has not been a major modification to the beehive which can be seen as a standard in beekeeping. The Langstroth hive was built in a way that led to the use  of all of its components.

How was it before?

Before the advent of the Langstroth beehive, the techniques used to obtain honey were not necessarily the friendliest. While the Langstroth hive permits to raise bees in what seems to be an efficient manner, this cannot be said of all the methods used before to harvest honey. In fact, one of the ways used was based on cutting down trees containing hives in their trunks. The will to obtain the honey as well as the wax led to cause the death of entire bees’ colonies.

Another method that was used to collect honey evolved around the utilization of artificial caps. Effectively, caps would be placed on the tops of beehives leading bees to use the artificial caps as honey storage.  At the harvesting time, these caps were taken off. After the removal of the artificial caps, the honey was obtained after squeezing the wax.

But, what is a Langstroth beehive?

If you were to get a Lansgtroth beehive, as mentioned at the beginning of this article you should not have too many problems to aquire it in the US. In fact, a person does not have to build the beehive because it is possible to buy one that is already done and thus, possibly save on time. Nonetheless, whether you build your hive or purchase it, these are the parts that your hive will include:

  • Hive stand
  • Slatted rack
  • Bottom board
  • Food chamber
  • Brood chamber
  • Shallow honey super
  • Outer cover
  • Inner cover

The Langstroth beehive is not simply a category of beehive. Actually, through this hive, raising bees in a way that might preserve better the environment and bees lives was possible. Maybe, there have been better beehives that did not receive the same acknowledgement. However, when Langstroth’s hive is compared to the previous techniques used to harvest honey, it can be said of his hive that it is a pillar of what is known as modern beekeeping. Being able to keep bees in a Langstroth beehive does not require you to construct one of your own. In fact, as this hive can be bought, it can also be constructed with the help of blueprints.

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