Beekeeper Hat – Who Thought A Hat Could Be This Important?

Beekeeper Hat – Who Thought A Hat Could Be This Important?

Article by Mclean Dearth

Sometimes, even the smallest of things can make or break an activity or hobby. With the absence of that one tiny, vital thing, it can cause failures or injuries. Such is true when it comes to beekeeping and the importance of the beekeeper hat.In essence, the beekeeper hat serves as a head and face protection against bee stings when tending to bees. It is designed to be worn over the head to protect these areas from the bee colony. If one fails to wear this essential beekeeping protection, it can result in painful stings and injuries. Obviously the eyes, mouth, and face are the most sensitive when it comes to stings. No matter how experienced you are with beekeeping, don’t be tactless. Wear the hat; and a veil will add more protection to your face.Anyone who approaches a bee hive, novice or expert, should wear protection at all times. Remember that when you are attempting to get honey from the hive, bees will attempt to defend their territory. This is a natural defense mechanism for honey bees. They will sting, and sting hard at that, in order to prevent any intruders in their territory. Honey bees can become very violent when provoked.Even if you are their beekeeper, it will certainly not stop the bees from stinging you. Always wear a beekeeping suit when handling the bees as well. It is much preferred to wear a white-colored suit to distract bees. It is innate in bees that they are attracted to dark colors as opposed to light colors, and most especially they abhor the color white. Plus, never forget to don the beekeeper hat because stings can cause infections and can even lead to death in some circumstances. A beekeeper hat and veil is available in various thickness, sizes, and materials. Most users enjoy the canvas style of hat because it has excellent ventilation. Plastic is another good option because it is durable and lasts longer. Be sure to find the best type of hat that is both durable, comfortable, and functional.

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