How Essenial Is A Beekeeper Hat?

How Essenial Is A Beekeeper Hat?

Beekeeping is a noble hobby and is very important to agriculture in whole, not only for honey production. When bees fly around and gather nectar from flowers, they are able to produce their food and pollinate the flowers which later on will turn to fruit and vegetables that people eat. A lot of people have realized the necessity of bees and their great contribution to nature. In this regard, beekeepers also play a major role in agriculture. However, beekeeping is not an easy task. It can be extremely dangerous and in some instances even fatal if a beekeeper does not have the right protective clothing when tending to hives. Probably the most important piece of protective clothing in beekeeping is the beekeeper hat.

As you may have figured out, the hat serves as protection for the beekeeper from bee stings while attending to the bees. Additionally, the hat ensures that the facial areas are protected. It is made in such a way that it is worn over the head and facial areas, protecting the face and neck from bee swarms that can cause serious damage to the beekeeper.  Remember that when bees become violent, they tend to swarm in large numbers and attack the face of the beekeeper or whoever is nearby for that matter. Bees do this as a defensive mechanism to prevent an intruder from attempting to get near the hive. The beekeeper’s hat comes in handy since without it, the effects of bee stings could be extremely dangerous and sometimes can even lead to death.

This hat is especially made for beekeepers and usually white in color to reduce its attraction to the insects because bees are naturally drawn to dark colors. It has a wide rim, which spans around six inches outward with a veil draping down the rim. The rim is made of a rigid material to hold the veil. The veil is made of fine transparent netting, which one needs to be held away from the face. The veil is tied around the collar of the protective jacket. Besides the hat, a full beekeeping suit should be worn each time a person tends to the beehives because bees do not just attack the face but other parts of the body as well.  A typical hat is put over the head and protects the face from stings. Every beekeeper should not forget this protection to avoid the risk of being stung.

Bees by nature will tend to protect and watch over their hives just as any human would try to protect their own home. They will swarm in large numbers to ward off anyone who tries to access their hive. This reaction can result in a large number of bees on one’s head when trying to access a hive. If you ever wondered why bees attack the face it is because they are drawn to a person’s breath.  A beekeeper should make it a priority to get a good and reliable protective item like the hat. Keep in mind that this protective gear could save your life. This is especially true to those who have allergies to bees. Even with normal people, being stung by swarms of bees can lead to hospitalization, thus, you should not forget this integral item every time you tend to beehives.

Although some advanced beekeepers tend to not wear gloves, I think most would agree that the beekeeper hat is an essential part of caring for honey bees. If you would like more information please visit Morgan at

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