Beekeeping – Doing It Properly and Efficiently

Beekeeping – Doing It Properly and Efficiently

Article by Morgan Shie

Beekeeping is not only about gathering honey but is also concerned with taking care of the bees and maintaining their hives or sanctuary. Anyone having this kind of hobby will reap numerous benefits such as collecting honey and selling it for profit. It’s no wonder beekeeping has been a popular pastime for the past 160 years and still continues to be a favorite among many individuals today. It’s not only an enjoyable hobby but it can also be a money-making venture that is sure to bring positive vibes to whoever is doing it.

If you wish to be successful with beekeeping, you need to follow some guidelines that will help you do it properly and efficiently. First thing you must do is to prepare the basic tools and equipment required for beekeeping. These include a protection outfit, gloves, hat, veil and other accessories. These supplies will come in handy just in case you get attacked by the bees or there’s a need for you to inspect their hive. Actually, honey bees will not sting you unless they feel they are being harassed or their hive is being destroyed.

Next is to choose a shelter for your bees which is the hives. Though you have several options on what sort of hive to get, it’s recommended that you use the Langstroth hive since it’s easy to maintain and harvest honey from because of its movable wooden frames. Once you have the hive all set, it’s time for you to gather your main subjects which is of course the bees. You can opt to buy them in a whole complete colony, in packets or have them altogether by natural swarms. It’s suggested for beginners to purchase the bees in packets.

In beekeeping, you also need to be aware of when is the best time to collect honey from the hives. It would be to your advantage if you knew the correct timing to harvest honey because not knowing will cause some issues. For instance, honey that’s been left in the hive for long periods of time will turn dark (though its taste won’t change) and will not sell well since consumers prefer the light colored ones. Also, long overdue honey will leave little space for the bees if they are creating extra honey. On the other hand, it’s not advisable to gather honey very early because it will contain more water which can result in the honey spoiling or fermenting.

Actually, you will know when is the exact time to harvest the honey since the bees themselves will give you a signal. It is when you notice wax caps on the honey cells. This means it’s the perfect time for you to collect the honey. The ideal time for gathering honey is during sunny days, specifically in the morning or in the middle of the day since a huge portion of the bees will be outside looking for their food.

While you are thinking about your beekeeping supplies, the hive and your bees, your next step is to check your state’s laws and regulations regarding raising bees in your area. Make sure you put your beehives away from a neighborhood or any area often occupied by people so you will avoid accidental stings.

If you are in search of a pastime that will offer you many wonderful advantages, then raising honey bees is the one for you. It’s just easy and fun to do. As long as you have enough knowledge and the appropriate skills in beekeeping, there’s no doubt that you’ll truly feel the joy and earnings of enjoying this particular hobby.

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