Beekeeping Suit – The Proper Way To Suit Up For Beekeeping

Beekeeping Suit – The Proper Way To Suit Up For Beekeeping

Article by Mclean Dearth

A beekeeping suit is part of a beekeeper’s defense against bee stings. Although it isn’t necessary to buy a bee suit right off the bat, it would certainly help the beekeeper ward off any bees and avoid getting any bee stingers imbedded in their skin. The beekeeping suit can include long pants, or it can be like a shirt with long sleeves. Some beekeepers use bee gloves along with their beekeeping suit. Some beekeeping suits are made from polyester and cotton, which makes them feel like ordinary clothing. The primary objective of these suits is to prevent any bee stingers from touching the skin. One important feature of beekeeping suits is that these shouldn’t cling to the skin. Otherwise it would be fairly easy for the stinger to penetrate the cloth and get onto the skin. Baggy suits (and even clothes) are the best ones to use.Although beekeeping suits are baggy, these shouldn’t also be too baggy. The suit also prevents bees from getting in, so if a cuff hangs too loose, it would end up being the entry point of the honey bees. Once inside the suit, the bee can sting a person just about anywhere. Bee gloves are used to help cover any openings in the cuffs.These suits are colored white, which also helps in warding off bees. It has been discovered that bees are very attracted to dark colors. This is why bees tend to attack the face rather than the body since the bees are attracted to the color of hair and the eyes. Don’t be too fancy when getting a bee suit; a black or even dark green one will certainly attract bees to all parts of the body. The net of the beekeeper’s hat is colored black, which is why bees are attracted to the net rather than the suit. When buying a bee suit, it important to check if the suit is baggy or fitted, and whether it would feel too hot or uncomfortable after wearing it for a while. One should also check for possible vulnerable areas (usually these are the wrists, collar, and ankles) and see what can be done to cover them.

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