Beekeeper Supplies – Supplies Needed to Maintain the Hive

Beekeeper Supplies – Supplies Needed to Maintain the Hive

Beekeeper Supplies. Numerous supplies are needed for the extraction of the honey from the hive. Using the proper supplies’ the beekeeper can greatly reduce his chances of injury form the bees. The hobby can be a bit risky but also very rewarding.

Protective Clothing: One the most important protection for the beekeeper is the bee suit. The suit is made to prevent the stingers from the bees penetrating and stinging the person wearing the suit. A vital part of any beginner’s beekeeper supplies.

Hat and Veil- In order to protect the face and neck from stings, the beekeeper wears a hat with a veil. It is very important to keep the face and eyes protected.

Gloves- Although some beekeepers do not wear gloves because there is some tasks that has to be preformed that gloves restrict them from preforming quickly. However you choose it is recommended to always wear gloves.

Smoker- A smoker is a tool used to calm the bees and it also mask the smell of the pheromone that bees produce to signal an attack when the hive is threatened. The smokers are normally fueled by paper, pine needles, twine, cardboard, and rotten wood. By smoking the bees its also thought it may trigger a feeding response within the colony in response to having to leave the hive due to fire.

The Hive- Artificial hive are use to house the bee colonies. Wax hexagonal foundations are used to encourage the bees to build a comb, which is an easy way for beekeeper to harvest the honey. The bees also have more time to collect nectar and make more honey and less time building combs.

Knowing the right supplies that is needed to keep bees is the best way to get a profitable start to your new hobby. Whether you you want to start beekeeping as a hobby or a business you need to have the proper supplies and information to get started and be safe.

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