Manage Your Bees Properly Wearing the Right Beekeeping Suit

Manage Your Bees Properly Wearing the Right Beekeeping Suit

Article by Jack Thompson

A beekeeping suit is required for beekeeping to ensure the safety of every beekeeper. Costume like this one in managing a hobby or business like keeping bees play an essential role in maintaining the beekeeper away from bee stings, which are very dangerous, especially to those who have allergies on the bee’s venom.

A full-length beekeeping suit must be worn when a beekeeper is working closer to the colony. Its usual color is white and is made of a light and smooth material.

Bees are unable to puncture the skin because suits can provide shield on the face and neck by covering them. It is vital that this suit properly fits you since even just a small opening can cause major problem to you.


A person will not know if he or she has allergies to bee stings unless he or she gets a sting from bees. Lots of people react badly to bee stings. Hence, you have to find out if you have allergies on bees prior on starting beekeeping. It is certainly inevitable to get stung by bees, even though you are careful in handling them.

The Essence of Hat and Veil

The hat and veil are included when you purchase a beekeeping suit. These accessories are very important since they provide protection to the most critical parts of your body which are your face and neck.The face and neck are more prone to bee stings because of bees that tend to be very defensive and aggressive when disturbed. You must avoid getting stung in the face since it is the most sensitive part. If you don’t protect your body against bees, the affected part can result to swelling and pain.

How to Make Your Own Beekeeping Suit

If you are a budget-conscious person, or you just can’t find one in your area, there are simple ways on how to make your own suit. We provided you the following suggested steps:

• Purchase a white, light coverall. Seal the coverall tightly by putting together the elastic and the wrist and ankle openings.

• When you are already wearing your suit, add the Velcro seals at the neck to further secure the section.

• A beekeeper must wear a pair of boots and must make sure that the coverall overlaps with it.

• A gloves as well should be worn and ensure that it is secured by making the elastic cuffs overlap with the gloves.

• You can use a wide-brimmed hat that will serve as your veil. All you have to do is to sew the fine netting on the brim of the hat.

• You must wear the hat before you dress. After that, you can put on your coverall and lock the Velcro seal over the veil’s netting.

Beekeeping is rewarding and fascinating form of hobby. However, in keeping bees and managing hives, you also have to protect yourself from the possible risks. If you thoroughly understand the bees’ behavior, particularly their defense mechanism, you will also understand how important the beekeeping suit is. Remember that if you don’t provide yourself a total protection, you won’t also be able to manage your beekeeping properly and effectively.

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My name is Jack Thompson and I’ve believe that beekeeping should be an enjoyable experience. Over the years, I gained valuable insights in beekeeping. There are important secrets and knowledge that is only gained through practice, I’d like to share my knowledge with you about comfortable beekeepers suits, free of charge.

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