Significance of Beekeeper Hats

The gloves, overall jumpsuit, and the beekeeper hat comprise the complete beekeeper’s suit. Some experienced beekeepers can do without the overall jumpsuit and the gloves, but never without the hat. The beekeeper hat is very important because it’s the beekeepers protective gear for the face.

The face and the eyes are the most susceptible areas to bee attacks. Bees have natural protective instincts and this triggers them to protect their beehive from intruders. Hence, if the beekeeper isn’t wearing any protective hat with veil then it could be very dangerous for him once the bees swarm on him.

Visibility and safety should be the priority consideration in choosing the right beekeeper hat for you. There are various types of beekeeper hats you can choose from. The first type of hats is the one that comes with detachable veils. This is a handy hat because the veil could be attached and detached from the hat. On the other hand its disadvantage is that it has a slight opening between the hat and its veil which makes it possible for bees to penetrate.Another type of beekeeper hats comes with integrated veils, providing visibility as well as protection and safety. Its disadvantages though are that its material is flexible and can be penetrated easily. Its back side is also vulnerable.

The last type of beekeeper hats are ones that look like hazardous materials helmets. The problem with it is that visibility can be really difficult. It only has a small window for the beekeepers viewing. Ventilation could also be an issue because it is uncomfortable to wear for the beekeeper. Still, it provides superior protection as this hat with integrated veil is tucked inside the beekeeper’s jumpsuit.

The materials that frequently make up beekeeper’s hats are either fabric or plastic. Both fiber and plastic has its own advantages and disadvantages. Fabric-made hats are very comfortable for wearing but could wear out easily. Plastic hats, (besides making the beekeeper look weird while wearing it) are uncomfortable but are long-lasting.The apiarist or beekeeper is the one to compare and decide whether he is looking for protection or comfort in a beekeeper hat. He would have to choose ultimately between the two since all beekeeper’s hats would tend to provide only either comfort or protection and not both.

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