Beekeeping Suit – The Essentials

Beekeeping Suit – The Essentials

Article by Mclean Dearth

There are essential items needed to truly succeed in a hobby or business, and beekeeping is no exception. Aside from the usual items like a bee colony, bee hive, and smoker, one must never forget the beekeeping suit. This fine armour protects the beekeeper from bee stings and other dangers associated with beekeeping. Moreover, it will provide any beginning beekeeper confidence in handling the bees.Not all suits are created the same. One must choose wisely and study the different materials and components of a beekeeping suit. First of all, it should be made of polyester cotton. This fabric is durable, easy to wash and retains its shape. It is very comfortable and cool. It should cover you from top to bottom. The suit should be slightly baggy rather than tight for this will allow air to circulate, keeping the beekeeper cool even on really hot summer days. Baggy suits mean more protection from stings as well. If there are areas of the suit that are tight to the skin, a bee sting can pass through directly to the skin. Buy a white colored beekeeping suit, a color that bees generally avoid because their eyes are very sensitive to light.Your beekeeping suit should have plenty of pockets to place your hive tools and to free your hands when handling the bees. Remember that the hive should be treated as delicately as possible. Cuffs should be expandable and secured with Velcro. Wear gloves at all times. The tough leather gloves are better than the rubber ones, because they are more effective in preventing bee stings.A veil and round hat will protect one’s eyes, head, and face. Never approach your bees without protecting your face, this part of the body is most vulnerable to stings. The hat should provide ample shade for the wearer to see easily under strong sunlight. As much as possible, get a veil and hat with double distance rims for this is much better than the fencing veil type.Follow these simple guidelines and you will be safe and successful with your beekeeping hobby.

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