Beekeeping Suit

Beekeeping Suit

Article by Kevin T

There is no doubt that beekeeping is extremely interesting and a lot of fun. At the same time, it can be very dangerous if you do not handle it properly. Now that you have started beekeeping, you have got the bees and the readymade hive. Have you not forgotten a vital part of beekeeping, a beekeeper suit?

A beekeeper suit is required to protect you from the deadly stings of the bees. I’m sure you know how that feels! You must know that bee stings can even kill a person. You need the protection whether you like it or not. To maintain the colonies of bees, it requires your manual intervention. Once you initially invade the hive of your bees, the moment you do so, the bees will take it as a threat and try to sting you. Here comes the beekeeper suit that would prove its worth.

Firstly, when buying a beekeeper suit, make sure that its parts are all light colored – dark color would make the bees see you more as a threat and they would get after you. Also, remember not to wear any perfume as bees have a strong sense of smell. This is probably the least liked attribute of a bee.

Secondly, with your beekeeper suit, make sure you get a veil (a fine mesh net) or protective hat to protect your face and neck from the stings. But while you wear them, make sure you are able to see well and get enough ventilation. Sometimes it is seen that the bees still manage to get inside the veil/hat. Do not panic; always stay calm, walk away from the hives and then take off your veil/hat to let the bees fly away. Do not, even by mistake, take off the veil/hat near the hive – it would be your open invitation for the swarm to attack and sting you! There are readymade beekeeper suits available in the market that includes the veils/hats.

Thirdly, with your beekeeper suit, make sure to buy plastic or vinyl covered gloves to protect your hands so that the stings do not easily penetrate them. When you wear the gloves, they should overlap the suit so that there is no room left for the bees to enter through any opening when they are in the mood to attack you.

Fourthly, with your beekeeper suit, make sure to buy boots (quite high – up to your knee would be better) to protect your legs and feet. Still, if by chance, few manage to go down your boot, walk away very slowly from the hive, take off your boots very gently and let the bees fly away. Do not make any such movement that would invite a swarm!

If you want to buy a secondhand/used beekeeper suit, make sure that it is free from any contamination and/or diseases.

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