Whats Needed in Beekeeping – Beekeeping Info

Whats Needed in Beekeeping – Beekeeping Info

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Beekeeping is a complete science by itself and involves understanding bee behavior in order to manage them well. Keeping bees has been a productive hobby for many people for decades and some have actually turned their hobbies into profitable businesses. If you are interested to get into beekeeping, you need to take the time to gather information about bees, before you even give this activity a try.

If you are serious about learning how to manage bees well, the first thing you need to do is to gather the right supplies for beekeeping. Of course, the most important things on your list are the bees and the beehive. You can actually buy an already organized bee colony, but you can also find more delight in collecting your own swarm of bees. You can do this by buying packaged bees.

You would also have to buy a beekeeping suit that should come with a veil and gloves. This is a protective suit that will not just protect your arms and legs, but more importantly, your face as well. Remember that although honey bees are usually tame, they can be quite aggressive when they feel that their hive is threatened. A bee attack can be ugly, and getting yourself protected from it is the best thing you can do.

Taking care of bees can be made easier by using a smoker. This is used to blow smoke into the beehive, which will cause the bees to evacuate, since they associate smoke with fire. Guard bees would often secrete pheromones when they perceive that the beehive is under attack. The smoke would also cover this scent which makes it safer for you to approach the hive and gather the honey collected.

Bees are very sociable, and they work very hard for the good of the hive. They all do their roles in building the honeycomb, protecting it, gathering food and taking care of larvae bees. One of the things you need to understand as a beginner in taking care of bees is that gathering honey can be quite challenging. If you leave the honey inside the hive too long, the color of the honey will be affected. It can also make the bee hive quite crowded if you do not gather honey at the right time. However, harvesting honey too soon may also lead to a higher water content, which can ferment the honey.

How can you tell if the honey is ready for harvesting? Observe how the bees behave. When you see the bees putting on caps on the honeycomb cells, that’s a good indication that the honey is ready. You should harvest the honey during early mornings or sunny days, when the bees are out of their hives gathering their foods.

Taking care of bees may mean a lot of hard work, but it will be all worth it once you get your first honey harvests. However, before you even start your hobby, find out if there are any restrictions on keeping bees in your area. There are some areas where bees are most welcomed, because they prevent the other more aggressive insects such as wasps and hornets from destroying plants, and because bees can help greatly in pollination. On the other hand, there are places that are not suitable for keeping bees, especially where there are children in the area who may have allergies to bees.

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