Beginning Beekeeping 101 – 7 Necessary Tips

Beginning Beekeeping 101 – 7 Necessary Tips

Article by Mclean Dearth

Beekeeping is a fun hobby but it can also be a very profitable one. If you are recently beginning beekeeping, here are 7 necessary tips:

1. Honey bees go to the closest water source. Make sure that the water source is nearby and within your backyard, and it should be clean. A water pan will do. Without a close water source in your area, they will actively seek one outside which could be your neighbours’ pool-and your neighbours will certainly not appreciate that.

2. Do careful research on the equipment to use before getting started beekeeping. Don’t get started unless you feel you have thoroughly researched many beekeeping techniques, methods, and types of equipment.

3. Never think about saving a few cents by buying used beekeeping equipment. You will regret his later on. Second hand equipment may be cheaper than the new stuff, but there are many different problems associated with it. You are placing yourself at a great risk of failure when buying second hand. Invest in equipment from the very beginning to ensure success.

4. When you are beginning beekeeping, you may have one issue in mind: the fear of getting stung by bees. Although it is impossible to be sting-free throughout a year, you should strive to keep stings to a minimum. Wear a beekeeper suit, hat, and veil to fully protect yourself. Move slowly and gently when dealing with the hive. Sudden jerks and movements will cause a major commotion, resulting in a disaster.

5. When beginning beekeeping, buy a white-colored beekeeper suit. The eyes of the honey bees are very sensitive to light thus they tend to avoid light colors such as white. Bees are generally attracted to dark and rich colors.

6. By harvesting honey you are effectively taking away the bee’s source of food. Make sure and feed your bees sugar syrup as substitute for honey to prevent your bees from starvation. Feeding them will also stimulate and increase egg-laying.

7. While bees are away from the bee hive they are not inclined to sting. They are normally gentle, but they can be very territorial when in the hive. They will react violently against intruders in an attempt to protect their hive.

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