Beekeeping Business

Beekeeping Business

Article by Diana Lim

The beekeeping business is called the apiculture. It is the method of retaining the honeybees to harvest honey and beeswax. In this the hives needed for the honey and beeswax production are prepared synthetically by humans and provided to the bees. The place of culture of honeybees is called as the apiary. The beekeeping business can be done as hobby or as serious business. If it has to be done as hobby then the initial investment need not be large. Also after starting the beekeeping the daily cost is not very high. A small beekeeping business can be handled with routine activities. The honey produced can be used up or sold. In case of serious business a proper plan is required. Beekeeping business looks very easy but it is not the case. As in any other business strong determination, dedication and hard work are required to make the business successful. Business techniques need to be learnt. For a successful beekeeping business plenty of money and efforts are required to remain at the top in the market. The latest technologies should be applied for the quality of honey. Beekeeping business is like animal husbandry in which animals are looked after for their products. Here one should be aware of the requirements of the bees. And take adequate care of the bees then it is possible to earn out of it. The first and very important thing is to gather information about the business and talking to people doing this business. Joining the beekeepers association is best in order to learn the techniques. First the area where the beekeeping business has to be stared should be located and the permission needs to be taken. The area should be under the shed in order to protect the bees from rain and the heat and safe. Then the beekeeping equipments should be ready. The equipments needed are the bee hives, protective suit, smoker, fume boards, bee feeders and entrance reducers. Then the bees can be bought. They can be bought in the form of colony or the colony can be formed. Initially buying a readymade colony is better. The number of honeybees to be bought depends on the size of the business. The honey production depends on the temperature and the session. After the honey is ready then it had to be sold so customers are required. Generally for this the honey producers have websites to display the offers and sell the product. The beekeeping business can be done as sub-contracting under a big company and producing and selling honey under their brand. But for this also bidding the contract, honey quality and getting the best deal are important. Again the companies under whom the farmers are working should be happy with the performance of these small units to continue the business in future. Honey business is more risky than crop farming because the entire business is dependant on the activities of the honey bees.Gathering information through websites, books and periodicals is very important to know the exact things about the maintenance and production point of view. Study of entomology is useful for beekeeping business.

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