Beekeeping Tips for Beginners

Have you been stung by the beekeeping craze? Beekeeping can be both a fun hobby and a lucrative business opportunity. Those who are truly passionate about their bees are always on the look out for tips to better improve their hives. If you just getting going, here are 3 important beekeeping tips.

Beekeeping has it’s own special allure as an unusual but exciting outdoor activity. Where there are bees, there is honey. And where there is honey, there may even be some money. Of course, there will be an investment of time and even some of your own money before you can really get the full benefits.

Before you get too far in your new venture, you may need to check with your local government or municipality to make sure you are allowed to go into the bee biz. Some areas still don’t allow beekeeping, although many are relaxing these rules – for example, New York recently overturned the ban on beekeeping. To be sure, conduct the proper research first so you do not spend money on equipment that you will never be able to use.

1. Location is everything

Once you’ve been given permission to carry on, make sure you have the right space to proceed. Beekeeping is obviously an outdoor activity, and you will want to have the right kind of space and location on your property to proceed. Bees can be extremely sensitive to their environment.

The best locations are near areas that produce regular flowers for the bees to collect nectar and pollen from. Without enough food, the colony will not be able to survive. Having said that, this does not just mean countryside locations. Bees can thrive in urban areas, with a good source of pollen and nectar from parks, city gardens, and so on.

Having access to a natural water resource will be to your benefit. If you don’t have a stream or fresh pond nearby, you can use a small tub in your own backyard. As long as the water is shallow (so the bees do not drown) and you regularly top it up with fresh water, the bees will be happy.

2. Damage control

Predict potential issues before they happen. Keeping your hive in a bad location may cause big issues for you in the future. Don’t set up shop in an area of your backyard that may be used by pets and family members regularly.

Bees always follow the same flight path, so be sure that this is path does not cross an area where people pass. If necessary, erect a fence which will raise the flight path above head height. Survey your property in the beginning so you can plan ahead.

3. Get a reliable guide

Anyone thinking about going into beekeeping should most certainly have a guide that can help them each step of the way. Find an easy to read guide wit lots of beekeeping tips for beginners, that can answer all your questions – and many you have not thought of! When you are prepared with the necessary knowledge and tools, beekeeping can be highly rewarding and smooth sailing all the way.

Beekeeping Tips for Beginners

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