3 facts about Beekeeping Clothing

3 facts about Beekeeping Clothing

There are quite many items that are necessary whenever it comes to beekeeping and some of them include the beehive and the smoker. There is however one item without which beekeeping can be a real nightmare. The beekeeping clothing is the single most important item when it comes to beekeeping. It is the one item that one can use to protect themselves from the extremely dangerous bee stings. The beekeeping clothing usually protects the beekeeper from attacks by the bees which are very common because the bees are very protective of their habitat and will usually go to extreme lengths to protect them. There are 3 important facts about beekeeping that every beekeeper needs to have with them.


1. Beekeeping clothing acts as a deterrent of danger


The massive attacks by the bees are a common sight at the beehive and as long as someone is looking after bees with an intention of accessing their beehive, they should expect an attack from the bees. The importance of the beekeeping clothing is that it offers real protection from the otherwise dangerous bee stings that come as a result of a desire by the bees to protect what belongs to them. Usually, the beekeeping clothing is designed in such a way that it shields the entire body or at least the most vital parts from the bees and the beekeeper can get near the beehive and carry out their duties without having to worry about attacks by the bees.


2. As a rule, the beekeeping clothing should offer priority to the vital parts

The most ideal thing for any beekeeping clothing would be to protect the entire body. In cases where protection of the entire body is difficult, the most vital parts should be protected. The vital parts in this case are usually the facial areas because a bee sting in any of those areas is more impacting and more dangerous than one in other parts of the body. This is they the face has a veil that protects it from the attacking bees and offers the beekeeper some kind of see-through shield.

3. The Beekeeping Clothing has a 2-part design


Depending on the design that one would opt for, a basic beekeeping suit should have provision for the protection of the upper body parts and the lower body parts. In some designs, both the upper part and lower parts are put together and one complete suit is made while in other designs, the two are made independently. In such cases, the part that protects the upper areas has a hood and veil to protect the head and face while the lower part protects the rest of the body.

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