3 Vital Pieces of Beekeeping Clothing

3 Vital Pieces of Beekeeping Clothing

One of the most important parts of beekeeping is making sure you have the correct specialist equipment needed. Whether you are building your hive or trying to remove honey, having the right gear can make the job easier and safer. Inspecting the bees is a vital role of the beekeeper, and to do this correctly you will need a few pieces of beekeeping clothing.

Suit – All beekeepers, whether they are novices of professionals, should wear a suit when checking their bees. The suits are thick enough to ensure that the stingers of the bees do not hit the skin of the keeper, whilst being light enough for the keeper to move freely and easily. A good suit should also be light in color to ensure that the bees do not confuse their keeper with their natural predators, such as bears. Suits must also be washed and cleaned after every visit to the hive. Bee stingers that are left in the suits can encourage other bees to attack with the release of powerful chemicals and pheromones and must be removed before further visits to the hive.

Hat and veil – Bees can be particularly attracted to the face and mouth where warm breath is released. To protect against this, most beekeepers wear a veil over the face which is attached to a large brimmed hat. It is also harder to remove stingers from the neck and face without the use of a mirror, whereas stings in other areas can be batted away with the hands.

Gloves – Beekeepers use their hands a lot while maintaining and checking on the hive, so it is a good idea to wear gloves to protect them while they are exposed. The gloves are thick and lightweight, again to ensure that bees’ stingers can not penetrate to the skin below. However, many beekeepers find that wearing gloves can be restrictive when they are performing certain tasks such as removing combs from the hive. At this point they may take them off, but you should only really do this if you are an experience beekeeper. Covering your hands in vinegar should also help keep the bees away.

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