Beekeeping Clothing – A Bit Of Protection Can Help You Enjoy Your Beekeeping

Beekeeping Clothing – A Bit Of Protection Can Help You Enjoy Your Beekeeping

Many new beekeepers main concern about learning to keep bees is the potential to be stung and possibly even stung multiple times by angry bees. This is where protective beekeeping clothing can really help anyone to learn about managing bees, knowing that if they inadvertently stir up the bees they have some protection.

Beekeeping clothing is designed to protect the beekeeper and to not aggravate the bees. Bees will instinctively react to dark colored, textured or wooly clothing. If you’re not wearing a full bee suit always choose light colored and smooth textured clothing when approaching bees.

It’s not only the color and texture that bees react to, bees have a very keen sense of smell to help them locate nectar and water sources. They react to fragrances like those in deodorant and shampoo as well as the smell of dog, horse and diesel fuel.

The cover all type beekeeping suit can help to minimize the bees interest  or agitation from the smells on your everyday clothing. Whether you choose to use a full bee suit or a bee jacket protect the main part of your body is really a matter of personal choice.

The beekeepers hat is designed to protect the most vulnerable areas of your body, bees find the CO2 that you breathe out  very attractive so protecting your face and neck is really important. You also want to make sure that the type of veil you have will stay a safe distance away from your skin even when it’s windy.

Whatever you are wearing as protection needs to fit snugly at the wrist, the ankle  and not ride up as you bend and move to prevent the bees gaining access. Bees have a knack for getting into small openings and when they find you in there too, they panic and sting.

Elastic sided work boot will help to protect your ankles and give you firm footing if need to go off the beaten path to your hive. Special beekeeping gloves to protect you hands have a sleeve that goes all the way to the elbow so that it’s really hard for the bees to crawl in.

Having all this protective clothing will only protect you if you put it on before you get near the bees. If your still puling on any piece as you near the hive, your very likely to get a bee or two in there with you.

It’s also important to remember to never to pull off your protective gear even if you have been stung, until you well away from the hive. It’s quite common for a few bees to follow the beekeeper all the way back to the car.

There are lot of places to buy beekeeping clothing and is easy to shop around on line for a good price. Buy the level of protection you are comfortable with and that fits your budget. The most expensive suit is not necessarily the  best suit so check out the option well.

Get a good start, and work safely in beekeeping clothing so you can enjoy working your beekeeping. Visit for even more tips advice and articles on getting started as a beekeeper and sign up for the FREE 10 part Mini Course.

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