Discover Beekeeping – A Beginner Beekeepers Guide

Discover Beekeeping – A Beginner Beekeepers Guide

Article by Marin Sen?ar

Dear Backyard Beekeeper,

There’s just something about those mysterious little creatures we call honey bees. If you’ve had the opportunity to sit and watch a hive at work you know exactly what I’m talking about. Back and forth from hive to flower bringing in that sweet nectar that will inevitably become honey. Welcome to Discover Beekeeping, if you’ve found your way to this page then you have the same fascination with these wonders of nature that I do! Let me ask you this; have you ever considered a day in the life of a beekeeper? Let’s look…

A Day in the Life of a Beekeeper

Imagine standing in a field of wildflowers, the birds are chirping the grass is green and fragrant as you take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief because spring is finally here. You lean down and pull the top from one of your hives to see how your bees have done over the winter. You take out your hive tool and scrape some propolis from one of the frames, pop it into your mouth and begin chewing. It’s the sweetest gum you have ever tasted. The scent of honey in the air, it’s time to set the burdens of everyday life aside and tend to your bees.

Although this may sound like the beginning of a fairy tale, thousands of beekeepers worldwide experience a similar scene every spring. Beekeeping is more than just tending bees and harvesting honey, it’s a life changing experience that few can stop once they’ve started. Are you ready to start this journey?

My grandfather was a beekeeper, but unfortunately he passed away before I could learn any of his secrets. Like you, I’ve had to learn from books and experience. Whether your goal is to become a backyard beekeeper or ultimately develop a commercial beekeeping operation, this eBook will give you the foundation of knowledge required to successfully keep you producing honey and growing your hives.

The truth is that producing your own honey is incredibly rewarding – and profitable – if you know what you’re doing! As a hobbyist you will enjoy the two best things about beekeeping; an escape from everyday life doing something you enjoy, and creating a very unique gift you can give to friends and family. Who wouldn’t be impressed by your skills in producing such a wonderfully sweet, nutritious delight? (And yes! Honey is very nutritious!)My Garden is Doing Better Than Ever

Thank You! As an avid gardener I was most interested in using the bees to help my garden and, WOW, what a difference, my vegetable garden is doing better than ever and my flower beds look fantastic! I especially liked the chapter on stings, that onion trick worked great!Sandra, PA

Are you interested in developing more than just a hobby, perhaps something that will earn a little extra pocket change? Sidelining allows you to produce enough honey to sell for a profit, supplementing your income. Commercial beekeepers have large operations, selling bee and beekeeping related products as their primary source of income. (For example, they may focus on raising bee queens and bees to supply other beekeepers.)

Lets start off by addressing the most asked question by the beginner beekeeper. “Will I get stung”. If I had a nickel every time I heard this! The answer is; if you follow the safety guidelines outlined in Beekeeping 101 and wear the proper clothing then you can enjoy this very rewarding hobby without the worry of being stung.

Bee stings and allergic reactions are covered in beekeeping 101, although getting stung is not a normal part of beekeeping it is something that every beekeeper should know about. Here’s a bit of trivia for you: Did you know that some beekeepers get stung on purpose as a treatment for arthritis? It’s true!
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