Managing Bees with Proper Protective Beekeeping Gear

Managing Bees with Proper Protective Beekeeping Gear

When managing bees, understanding bee behavior is the first step to success. Knowing how they work and attack when bothered can induce fear to most people. Bees are known to be gentle but can be very dangerous and can sometimes lead to death. Hence, it is highly recommended that a beekeeper should provide themselves proper and sufficient protection, tools and equipment. It is important that you have protection against bee stings when you are dealing with bees.

One of the most important items of beekeeping equipment is the beekeeper suit. This clothing serves as a protective gear for beekeepers. It consists of three main parts which are the jacket and pants, beekeeping hat with veil, and gloves.

Jackets and Pants

The beekeeping suit is sometimes a one-piece outfit, but often comes as a two-piece. The jacket and pants should be light-colored since bees are attracted to bright colors. Furthermore, they should be a bit larger so that the suit can still provide enough protection to the beekeeper by giving a space between the skin and the cloth. It is also important that the beekeeper has enough room to move around when managing bees.

Veil with a Hat

The most vulnerable part of our body is the face. Therefore, it must be protected from bees which can cause allergies or stings to your skin. The veil with a hat keeps your face away from the danger that bee stings bring.

A Pair of Gloves

A pair of gloves is also an essential part of a suit in beekeeping. Although it makes it difficult for the beekeeper to manage the hives, it still provides safety and protection to your hands from danger when bees attack you. If your beekeeping gloves do not provide a closed seal between the gloves and the sleeve of the bee suit, use a strong elastic band to keep them tightly against each other. This will stop the bees from getting under the gloves and stinging you while managing the bees in your hive.

The market has a wide variety of protective suits for managing bees. They come in different styles and sizes. However, bear in mind the top priority is to keep you safe from bees while still managing bees. Here are some excellent tips for choosing your protective beekeeping suit:

  • • Choose a suit that fits you right and comfortably.
  • Check the arm and leg holes.• They should be wide enought to allow easy movement.
  • The hat and veil must be large enough to provide good ventilation.•
  • The whole suit should be strong and of a good quality.
  • Inspect the zippers and quality of the stitches made.

Making your Own Protective Beekeeping Clothing

You have the options of buying your beekeeping suit or make your own in easy and effective ways. Making your own protective gear includes these following simple steps:•

  • Buy a coverall with light colors.
  • Sew a strong elastic to the wrist and ankle openings.•
  • Wear boots that can reach the upper part of your ankles.•
  • Look for a pair of gloves that extends above your wrists.
  • It should fit your wrists so that bees won’t enter your suit.•
  • Attach the Velcro around the neck of the coverall.
  • Construct a veil which can be just made out of your old mosquito netting.

Managing Bees

Wearing proper protective clothing is a must for every beekeeper when managing bees. He must defend and protect his own body from dreadful bee stings which can be fatal especially to people who are allergic to the bee venom. Beekeeping can be fascinating form of business. Nevertheless, persons who are about to engage on it should make safety and protection tops their priority list. Allowing yourself to manage your hives should also keep you safe and away from risk of getting stung by your bothered bees.

My name is Jack Thompson and I’ve believe that beekeeping should be an enjoyable experience. Over the years, I gained valuable insights in managing bees. There are important secrets and knowledge that is only gained through practice, I’d like to share my knowledge with you about beekeeper suits, free of charge. Beekeeping Suit

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