Over Coming Fears Of Beginning Beekeeping

Over Coming Fears Of Beginning Beekeeping

Article by Ryan Knox

So you like the idea beekeeping. You want to be a beekeeper. But where do you start? Training to be a beekeeper is not what most of us would want. The very first things we fear are the bee sting. For a lot of people, this is not a problem and they ignore that risk just to be able to take care of bees. But what do you need to learn in beekeeping? A whole lot of things just to take care of bees properly.Beekeeping is not what you can call a cheap hobby. A lot of things need to be present when you start raising bees and even then, the cost of ensuring the health of bees goes up like a balloon. Even then, you would still like to do this. Well, there are a few things that you need to learn in order to start to be a beekeeper.First, you need to enroll yourself in a course that specializes in beekeeping. A lot of associations offer this to people who want to learn. You can try researching the nearest the association or group that offers beekeeping courses in your area.Second, You need materials before you can start taking care of bees. The beekeeping course will highlight the basic things that are needed to raise bees but you would need a few other things you really cannot do without. Examples would be extra honey supers, bee wires, various clippers, nails, cloth, hives, feeders, etc., aside from the main hive and related support that you want to start with.Third, the type of bees that you may want or need. No two types of bees are the same. Each will perform differently and have differing characteristics. The beekeeping class will enlighten you in selecting the correct type of bee for your land.Fourth, when searching for the proper land to raise your bees in, the beekeeping class will also teach you how to select the ideal places where the bee colony will thrive. The course will also teach how to position and protect the hive so that the bees will basically be undisturbed as they gather nectar.Fifth and last, feeding and protection of the bees from predators and pests/diseases. Probably the most important part of the course and this needs your undivided attention since this will teach you how to prevent outbreaks within the colony and/or stopping predators from attacking bee colonies. The course will also teach you how to prevent swarming, hiving the bees and other tricks to keep bees healthy.All in all, nothing can still replace a jar of honey as your reward.

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