Beekeeper Equipment – The Right Tools For The Right Job

Beekeeper Equipment – The Right Tools For The Right Job

Article by Shak D

The thing about bee allergy is you won’t know you have one unless you get stung by a bee. So if you are doing beekeeping, either as a hobby or a business, one of the essential things that you need to understand is bee behavior and the things that can trigger a bee attack.

Many people are allergic to bees. So if you know for sure that you are allergic to beestings, know what to do in case you get stung. Even bee experts get stung from time to time, even while wearing their beekeeping suit.

A beekeeping suit can protect you from an aggressive bee stinger. Remember that getting stung by a bee is not a pretty business. There are some people with bee allergies who believe that getting themselves stung several times can help their bodies develop the necessary antibodies to protect them from the venom. However, why take the risk when you can easily buy a bee suit that will protect you from deadly stings?

The right beekeeping suit comes with a veil to protect the face and gloves for the hands. Some people who are engaged in the honey making business do not prefer to use gloves though, as they tend to restrict their actions. Besides, if you get stung on your hands, it is easy enough to find the sting and remove the stinger quickly, before you get infected with the venom. Some beekeepers simply apply vinegar on their hands before they get to work, as most bees find the smell of vinegar repulsive. What is more difficult is to get stung on the face, since you can not remove the stinger unless you use a mirror. Therefore, remember to use a face protector to go along with your bee suit.

A bee protection suit is usually made of white, lightweight material. It is important to choose a bee suit that is white or light colored. Remember that most of the predators that bees have to deal with are all dark colored, such as bears and skunks. Bee colonies consider these animals as threats, and associate the dark color with them.

Choose a bee suit that uses lightweight material. This will allow you to move easily and if ever a bee stinger finds its way through the suit material, it is easy enough to just remove the bee protection suit from the body and get the stinger out. Make sure to get your bee suit washed regularly. Remember that stingers can leave pheromones on the fabric and can then attract more bee stingers later.

Wearing a bee protection suit is a smart, practical way to keep yourself safe from bee stings. Remember that even people who have been making honey for years can still be attacked by bees, so don’t risk it. Get the right bee suit before you even start building and managing your bee colony.

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