Beekeeping Equipment – The Basic Tools

Beekeeping Equipment

You need to get a reliable beekeeping equipment set before you can start your profitable beekeeping hobby. This must be in place before the bees arrive.

The most important piece of beekeeping equipment is your beehive. Your beehive must have no less than five supers. The supers are a very important part of the beehive because they are where the bees will be storing their honey. Make sure that the five supers fit in the space between the bottom of the hive and its top cover. The young bees will also be raised in the supers, so the supers are more important than just for honey storage. As the hive becomes active with bees, you will ensure that each super contains 9-10 frames. You can make your choice from among them. Only a single size of foundation will be needed with a deep super.

Make your choice wisely though; for a deep super hive can weigh up to a hundred pounds. Place your beehive on a plane flat surface, because you don’t want to take the chance of it turning over when there’s a strong wind. Keep it in a place where no local people pets can disturb it. Get a spacer to manage equal spaces between the frames for the time they are in the super.

Beekeeping Equipment

Now, you will need a smoker. With the help of the smoker, you can drive the bees out of the hive when you want to remove the honey. A smoker is actually crafted very simplistically. The main components of the smoker are the funnel, the chamber for combustion and the bellows. For that reason, it is the professional choice as ignition substance in the smoker.

Your smoker will work excellently if you use burlap in it because it ignites quite fast and produces profuse amounts of smoke after smoldering. Another option is to use dry corn cobs. The bellows will allow the fire to keep burning and with the help of the funnel the smoke of the fire will be taken to the hive.

The next piece of beekeeping equipment – The Basic Tools to use is the metal hive tool. This tool will help you to pry open your beehive, separate its various compartments and to keep the beehive clean. You can describe this device by saying that this is the most all-purpose tool in the beekeeper’s kit. No beekeeper is ready to receive their shipment of bees until they have a bee brush. You will have to move the bees our of the way when you are observing the frames.

When extricating the honey, you will have to use a fumer board. Bees don’t like the chemicals that are dabbed onto the fumer board. You can get some inexpensive beekeeping stuff on eBay, but they may be used. You will also find equipment that is designed for the beginners.

With the right beekeeping equipment and proper instruction from a local beekeeper, you will have all you need to get started and produce honey for your family and friends.

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